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Southington, CT 06489

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What People Are Saying:

  • Excellent work and explanation of the procedure.
    Richard - March 2018
  • Had an appointment for oil change and arrived early, they took my car in quickly and I was in and out in under an hour.
    Doreen - March 2018
  • Went in to get some breaks fixed and the staff was fast and friendly. They took the time to specify exactly what was needed and didn’t push when I said I didn’t want all the breaks done at once.
    AJ - March 2018
  • I am extremely happy with the service my family and I get at the Southington Monroe. Tim constantly continues to do excellent work on all of our vehicles, that we never need to go anywhere else. he Knows my name even if I haven't been there in a few months and I feel confident that when I send my daughter down there to get work done he goes above and beyond our expectations looking out for things we might not see. GREAT JOB
    James - February 2018
  • Saturday hadn't been a good morning, noticed a flat on my way out to run errands, limped the car over to a local Service Station, they added air. I ran my errands then off to the oil change, place was crazy busy. I asked them too take a look at the tire that was flat. Well they found a stone in the tread AND I had been riding on slicks, I never remember to look at the treads, just that they're not flat. Thanks to Frank I got 2 very reasonably priced tires and was on my way and not late to my next appointment. Thanks so much to the team.
    Irene - February 2018
  • the man who serviced my vehicle was great but he acted as if he was giving me a huge deal when it was just the promotion they were having.
    jocelyn - February 2018
  • Service was great, Tim is always there for me
    Adriano - February 2018
  • Marc is awesome. Good work, fair prices, good service. What more can a customer need? Thanks!
    Steve - February 2018
  • Very thorough car check. More than just an oil change
    Kathleen - February 2018
  • Service here is great, I travel from Hartford, CT just to get my vehicle serviced here.
    Katherine - February 2018
  • I recently had brakes replaced and an oil change done at this facility. They were very pleasant, took time to explain details of their work and I will be back for any service my car needs. I also talked my 2 daughters into using them, one had a brake job done which was $200 less than the dealer wanted and she will be coming back. Another daughter is having oil change done since they rotate tires and check battery, fluids etc. I highly recommend this facility which is easy to get to also.
    Pat - February 2018
  • Incredible service and professionalism
    William - February 2018
  • Tim and Mark are honest and very professional
    William - January 2018
  • Oil change
    Steve - January 2018
  • Great service great price
    David - January 2018
  • I came in for an oil change and wiper blades and got a fabulous deal! I was even squeezed in on my day off... Thanks!
    Debra - January 2018
  • Quick and always friendly service, Honest on items that need repair for future and their timing.I trust Timmy Donovon, he is the only mechanic I will trust my vehicles too.
    Nicole - January 2018
  • Went in for a basic oil change. Very friendly and knowledable staff. They also rotated tires and completed everything in under one hour. I was very happy I went in and will go back.
    Brian - January 2018
  • They always have helpful tips f9r doing things at home and don't over charge for jobs I can't do myself.
    Hannah - December 2017
  • Great, fast and efficient service!
    Terri - December 2017
  • Mark took the time to explain issues with my vehicle.
    lou - December 2017
  • Staff was great
    Michael - December 2017
  • Stopped in after seeing the $19.99 Oil Change on the sign. Was pleasantly surprised, they got me in quickly, were friendly and didn't try to upset me everything under the sun. Would highly recommend this location.
    Kara - December 2017
  • Tim is great
    William - November 2017
  • great price and awesome service
    adam - November 2017
  • Quick service and honest about any repairs or maintenance needed. I always go to this location and see Lou, mgr and Timmy. They are a huge asset to Monro. Very knowledgeable and patient to explain what is needed. They have taken care of myself and my family's vehicles. We feel safe & trust them. We will refer our friends and family always. We can count on them!
    Nicole - November 2017
  • Called on a Sunday for a minor repair, wheel balance and alignment. Lou said no problem and the car was ready in just a couple hours. Even though I was. It orgranized Monro was!
    Steve - October 2017
  • Quick and sufficient. No up selling things you dont need
    David - October 2017
  • Quick great service
    Sue - October 2017
  • Great service
    Marcelo - October 2017
  • I am very pleased with the quick and good service at a good price.
    Dan - October 2017
  • Great customer service will be back
    Sujey - October 2017
  • I went in because my car was vibrating and I assumed I needed to balance the tires and do an alignment. Turns out my tires were worn down so much that the metal was showing. They were able to give me a deal on 4 new tires and the alignment and also showed me the old tires (without me asking) so I could see how lucky I was.
    Ryan - October 2017
  • Lou and staff were exceptional with providing service and safety information.
    Michele - October 2017
  • Fast, friendly service at a reasonable price. Can't beat that.
    Brad - October 2017
  • Great experience
    William - October 2017
  • Lou was very friendly and helpful. He explained everything that was done to my car and what repairs needed to be made. I have been to other Monro Mufflers were the associates could care less that you are there.
    Latayna - September 2017
  • Phone calls non stop from managers and district reps trying to "make things right" stopped one day. Advice was to take my car to a Monroe in a different town. That means some of your establishments are better than others? You should advertise that and make it known to your paying customers. Why did I pay so much money to get my car serviced at a sub standard shop? Installed a faulty brake switch and had to bring it back again for a 4th time and Check Engine Light STILL wont go off.
    Garrett - September 2017
  • Tim the mechanic is awesome, he always explains everything to me, always tells me "why", . I'm not a dummy, and a mechanic in another field, so i know. I spent over $1000 the last two months for pm and brakes and i am ok w that because i know why.and whats needed
    Richard - September 2017
  • had new brakes installed
    Gary - September 2017
  • Very friendly, informative, and efficient
    Karen - September 2017
  • Great staff
    William - September 2017
  • Service was okay. Very slow and somewhat messy. Should not take an 1.5 hours for a simple oil change - that's from beginning of work to end - not including wait time before vehicle was put on lift. They couldn't get it on the first lift, so changed lifts. Took two workers. This did not inspire confidence in "trusting the professionals." Seemingly didn't know how to check the transmission fluid until I showed them which plug to take off. Overall, they did the job - but in my opinion, it was done very lethargic, inefficient and at low quality. Was not able to take advantage of the discount without a Drive Card. This seems very misleading. Will not return.
    Stephen - September 2017
  • Excellent service.
    Steve - August 2017
  • Smoother ride on my car with new tires feels good to drive the car now
    Sue - August 2017
  • Came in for four tires and was able to get them quickly without any problems staff was very friendly will definitely come back again
    Venice - August 2017
  • Tim as always finished the Job on time!
    Adriano - August 2017
  • Service was much better this time. They were ready to take my car at my scheduled time and service time took as long as expected. The staff was much more efficient this time.
    Michael - August 2017
  • Fixed Trani Line.
    Lisa - August 2017
  • Made appt ,was told 45 minutes. That seems long but acceptable . 2 car bays we're empty with no one waiting and not busy parking lot. Workiers hanging around talking on cell phones most of the time. Took an hour and a half. Not cool
    Linnea - August 2017
  • Excellent service however the ladies bathroom was disgustingly filthy. No toliet paper
    Cathy - July 2017
  • Good job
    Stephen - July 2017
  • Very friendly and accommodating service staff. Got the job done!
    Lou - July 2017
  • My only concern was the time it took. They brought my car right in, but took an hour to do a simple oil change. However, they were nice and the price was right. I would go back.
    Glen - July 2017
  • Service Department were quick to provide necessary service to my car.
    Robert - July 2017
  • Have had service from Monro for years; I like the place, the staffs are friendly, prices are reasonable.
    Wenli - July 2017
  • Polite, courteous & work performed satisfactorily.
    Mark - July 2017
  • I was really impressed with my next visit to Monro in Southington CT. They were really quick with checking me in and attending to my car when I first got there for my scheduled oil change. They also showed me issues with my air filters which affects the air quality inside my vehicle. No one has shown me that so I was impressed. They also pointed out that my wheel lock wasn't functioning which I didn't know but I was happy they showed me. I would definitely return to the Southington store.
    Jessica - July 2017
  • I am a retired widow, and I always worry about auto repair people taking advantage of me. I feel Monro treats me fairly.
    Linda - June 2017
  • I seem to have gotten on an email list though I've never visited CT. I don't see how to get off the list. Perhaps a review will prompt a functional "unsubscribe" - or maybe I'll "win" the giftcard?
    Erica - June 2017
  • Prompt and professional
    WILLIAM - June 2017
  • Spent $760 for new cat conv, all pipes, hangers, brake switch, fees, taxes, etc. 5 days later Check Engine light comes back on and gotta take it back to Monroe on my birthday. Find out they put in a faulty brake switch and it kept my headlights on in daylight, draining my battery, leaving me stranded at work, missing my birthday dinner with my wife. Had to call AAA for a jump, got home late and covered in sweat, night ruined. Now I have to wait till Monroe orders another part and spend more time sitting in the waiting room.
    Garrett - June 2017
  • Check Engine Light has been on for 2 months. Monroe rep promised that what THEY do, no matter what, they will fix it. Gave me 90% assurance that what they did would fix my issue. Fast forward 2 weeks and 3 visits later, along with $700 paid. The Check Engine Light appears again 2 days after I pick up the car. Furthermore, now the headlights or tail lights mysteriously stay on, even when the car is off and the lights are switched off. That drained my battery in broad daylight because its impossible to notice the headlights on in daylight. Had to call AAA and get a jump start.
    Garrett - June 2017
  • After bringing my car to local competitors, Monroe solved my issues the first time, correctly. The staff explained everything in laymen's terms and remained friendly and patient.
    Garrett - June 2017
  • They did a excellent job as usual
    Murthy - June 2017
  • Brought the car to Monroe after local competing auto shops couldnt pinpoint the cause of my Check Engine Light. The team at Monroe spent hours testing and evaluating the car to determine the cause. They took the time to show and explain the problems with my car and suggested the proper course of action to repair the issues. I am planning to make Monroe my long term care care provider in the future.
    Garrett - June 2017
  • All completed work was above average.
    Robert - June 2017
  • The service completed on my Veloster Turbo was very well serviced.
    Robert - June 2017
  • First time at this store and the manager and assistant manager where so helpful and informative. They explained what I do need doing down the road, but did not push the sale. They even took the time to show me what my brakes looked like before and after. A+++++++ all over clean store, TV to watch and everyone was laughing, smiling. It was a great experience. I will be back.
    Ellie - May 2017
  • I always make my appointments here for my oil changes. The shop is great and the technicians are friendly and very knowledgeable. I never feel like thwy are trying to upsell products or services on me but they do let me know anytime there is an issue that they see so that I can get it taken care of.
    Chris - May 2017
  • Every time I go to them the service is great In and out for oil changes Lou Mike and Pete and a few other mechanics help each other as a team getting the job done right using their vast knowledge in automotive repair I drive a few towns over to do business with them because I know that get the job done correctly No worries down the road customer satisfaction guaranteed
    Glenn - May 2017
  • 0 rating. Made appointment for service oil change brake check. 10:15 AM got there was told "we'll get right on it" 45 minutes later car still outside. found service manager his only comment has well you would be next, but couldn't even say when they could start. There had been no movement for any cars since I got there. Took keys and left. Manager didn't seem to even care I was leaving.
    Tim - May 2017
  • Great service. Will definitely go back!
    Sue - May 2017
  • I was told they could fix a problem in my car. An the problem was not fixed. I was also told that the work that was done was needed after fixing what they could not fix and he went ahead and did the work that was not needed. An they try to compensate by giving me a free oil change. The sad part was I had to drive off the parking lot with my two year old daughter when I realized the problem was not fixed. He never told me he could not do it. Until I returned immediately.
    Juanita - May 2017
  • Quick and prompt service. Checked out items that I asked them to look at with no hesitation or reservation.
    Richard - May 2017
  • I arrived on time and it took 1hr and 40 minutes for an oil change that I scheduled ahead of time.
    Michael - May 2017
  • Have been there many times, over all I have a good experience
    Wenli - May 2017
  • Fantastic!!
    Michele - May 2017
  • The price is outrageous but the guys that work there are AWESOME. I felt like my car was in good hands, and that I wasn't the typical corporate service where they try to up sell you on everything. My car was done same day, no problem.
    Avi - May 2017
  • Great job!
    Emily - May 2017
  • Regular services
    Adriano - May 2017
  • Oil change.
    Francis - May 2017
  • Fixed most of engine of my car very good job done to it struts engine radiator hoses xcetera done to my car
    Sue - April 2017
  • I would take it back there again
    Joe - April 2017
  • All options were give from a full replacement of parts to a partial replacement and a repair. Partial replacement and a repair was performed to perfection. Highly recommended!
    Dan - April 2017
  • Very pleased with the work done on both cars. I can always count on Tim to do a great job!
    Andrew - April 2017
  • Very knowledgeable and very pleasant.
    Zuheid - April 2017
  • Came in for oil change, tire rotation, etc. but left with that and new front brakes. Glad the brake issue was identified.
    Shirley - April 2017
  • Great staff. Courteous and informative.
    Katherine - April 2017
  • Tires are five months old. Don't expect a nail to cause a flat. When a manager says I won't charged to fix the flat because I purchased the tires at this location, I take him at his word. That didn't happen!
    John - April 2017
  • Trustworthy!
    Angela - April 2017
  • They are so patient with me and y old 2001 Camry. They take me home and pick me up if it's going to take longer than expected. And if it doesn't get fixed the first time, they do it again until it is fixed. Wonderful service.
    Jean - March 2017
  • I have been having my cars serviced at Monroe for many years now and am always happy with their professionalism, speedy service as well as their prices.
    Lynne - March 2017
  • My car smelled like cigarettes after the oil change service, which I wasn't happy about.
    Brandi - March 2017
    Marie - March 2017
  • I made my appointment on line, quickly received a return email. On the day of my appointment, they were right on time & finished very quickly! Very impressed
    Diana - March 2017
  • Great experience
    William - March 2017
  • The service was wonderful and professional
    Linda - March 2017
  • Vehicle serviced promptly
    Lou - March 2017
  • When I got my Jeep Wrangler back he said he had a problem with the Lugnuts on drivers side and could not get them off he was afraid of breaking them . When I got home to work on it three were stripped from using a 3/4 socket and not a 19 mm . I check all Lugnuts they put on and they were all way over the 95 foot pounds they are supposed to be set to . I had to use a 30 in breaker bar to remove them. Besides stretching bolts to the point they break if you were trying to fix a flat on side of the road they would have never came off . They should stick to oil change only !
    Erik - March 2017
  • store manager was very honest.
    Albert - March 2017
  • None
    Joseph - March 2017
  • Service as well as quality was beyond my expectations.
    Gary - March 2017
  • Went in for an oil change - got 4 new tires (1 was free). The service was excellent. The staff was pleasant and stood by the price and time quoted.
    Mayra - March 2017
  • At 19 my son is new driver. His driver's side headlight had gone out on his way home from work Friday night. I wasn't sure who to bring it to - the YouTube videos seemed to make the job above what I have confidence doing. I went out on a limb and called my local Monroe on Saturday morning. The gentleman I spoke to and subsequently waited on me when I got there (Luis, Louis, ?), was SO nice and refreshingly honest. Thankfully it wasn't going to cost a lot and they were able to do it RIGHT THEN! I was able to drop the car off to my son with downtime for either of us. Especially on a Saturday morning! I was so happy with service that I didn't have the heart to present my $20 off of $50 coupon.
    Deana - March 2017
  • took me right away out in less than 3/4 hr
    Robert - March 2017
  • Called, made appointment, easy drop off and done quickly. Good brake shop
    Dave - February 2017
  • I called to see if I could get in quickly for an oil change due to having to drive out of town for a funeral. They had me come right down & it was done & I was on my way in under an hour. Much appreciated!
    Angela - February 2017
  • Maybe
    George - February 2017
  • This is my car. Brake calipers, rotors, pads, and hoses replaced.
    Roger - February 2017
  • Do not sell my email address to any others.
    Albert - February 2017
  • They were efficient and very helpful.
    Jessica - February 2017
  • The tail lights on my car needed to be replaced and this franchise was flexible with scheduling and could fit me in quickly. They performed the service at the price quoted and didn't try to sell me additional products that I didn't need.
    Caroline - February 2017
  • Everything went well.
    Martin - February 2017
  • Superior customer service. Never felt like I was being "sold" on something. Gave me a great deal on new tires. Service was quick and friendly!
    Jennifer - February 2017
  • Everythings working fine
    Jesica - January 2017
  • I love going to Monro. The prices are decent and the staff at the Southington shop are always nice. They're honest and get the job done.
    Jeremy - May 2016
  • Very courteous and did not feel rushed to purchase services.
    Amber - September 2015
  • Very professional staff and technicians, reasonable prices & impressive level of honesty.
    Katrina - August 2015

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