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(860) 257-9414

2009 Silas Deane Highway
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • Great price, no waiting, and wifi!
    Lisa - February 2018
  • Oils changes etc they have helped me with everything
    Taylor - February 2018
  • Monroe Muffler has gone bananas with their pricing because, it has gone right to the top of the charts to rip off customers. I just came in for a check on my brakes and they said I needed new brakes on the front of the car. So, they decided not only to sell me brakes but, they also wanted to sell me new rotors with the brakes and the final bill came to, $391.00 with my discount. All I really needed was the brake pads for the front of the car.
    carl - February 2018
  • Terry and his crew are outstanding. They should be the standard that the industry should try to live up too.
    David - February 2018
  • I went to get an oil change and my car drove much better afterward. I was able to use a coupon to get it done for much cheaper plus have other things done like tire rotation. You can also choose to have a free inspection done.
    Michael - January 2018
  • Able to get appointment when I wanted. Car was ready when promised.
    Kim - January 2018
  • I made an appointment for an oil change. Got there and I did have to wait about 45 minutes. Once my car got in, the service was very quick and very inexpensive.
    Karen - January 2018
  • I had to change all the tire on my car, they were very helpful
    Leonardo - January 2018
  • They listen when you tell them something- that's really Important.
    Melissa - January 2018
  • Always a great job done and they always have time to repair my car without having an appointment
    Joe - January 2018
  • Polite and knowledgeable staff
    Hollie - January 2018
  • The best the maneger is the best GO T you rock
    David - January 2018
  • Terry and his crew take such good care of me and my 2007 Honda Civic SI. Always take me in when I need help, always efficient and delivered when promised. Everytime I sit and wait for my car, I watch Terry and his crew with other customers. EVERY TIME I see them kindly and easily go above and beyond the call of duty as though it's business as usual for them, and I think it is! I watched a guy who had made his way from Hartford stopping everywhere on the way to see if he could find a tire in a discard bin, have it mounted , just enough to get him home. Terry said yeah, go look, he found a tire, they mounted it and on he went. This week there was a man from out of state with a newly purchased car with something wrong, I heard Terry call the people he bought the car from in Maryland for the customer. Terry was sick, had a cold this week, he was still the same kind, competent, patient manager he always is. He explains things. I completely trust Terry and his crew. Whatever he says, is truthful, honest and with my best interests in mind. Way to go! Wish every business were run this way. I don't give 5 stars easy. THIS is well deserved. A loyal customer of many years.
    Karen - December 2017
  • Had the oil changed for my car. The staff was very friendly. Even though I came 30 mins earlier than the scheduled time ,the staff took me in and performed the required service. They even changed the tail light and did not charge me.
    Raman - December 2017
  • It’s not just once, it’s every time we go there we are treated expertly, politely, and promptly. This time my battery went. They had it in stock and, without an appointment, I was out of there in 15 minutes. They’re great!
    Burt - December 2017
  • Awesome service experience, all staff was great. The manager Terry was professional and provided outstanding service. I would recommend this location to all my friends. Thank you
    Cynthia - December 2017
  • Terry was great from the first time I told him about the problem to when I picked up my car.
    Michael - December 2017
  • I set up an appointment online to have my brakes replaced and an oil change done. (which went smoothly) When I dropped my car off, I asked if it would take around 3-4 hours and was was answered yes. (Keep in mind, this is on Black Friday and this franchise was busy with tire sales, along with car repair work). 4 hours later I called because I hadn't heard back what needed to be done/replaced and was told "Oh, I have your paperwork right here". I was told the price of the replacement pads, and that it would also be a good idea to machine/replace the rotors as well, since they were worn and that doing so would increase the life of the new pads I was purchasing. I agreed and was told the total price and that I would be called when it was finished. 4 hours later (a total of around 8-9 hrs in the shop) I called because, again, I had not heard from the shop. I was told that it had been ready and was apologized to when I said that I had not received a call to say that it was ready. Payment and getting my car back went smoothly. Overall, I understand the busy nature of Black Friday and what it entails on the mechanics, salespeople and desk manager. However, I believe that timely phone calls to the customer need to be improved. The staff were polite throughout the entire job and given a long work day, were professional.
    Diane - November 2017
  • Service was good however, would be nice that on receipt they put fine what is needed. It was on there copy not customer copy
    Josephine - November 2017
  • Terry and the Rocky Hill, Ct Team were wonderful!
    Philip - November 2017
  • They were able to get my car in the day I called for an oil change. The staff person let me know things I might want to have done in the future without being pushy or "salesman" about any of it. He answered all my questions without feeling like any were "stupid" questions (which I've felt at many auto places).
    Hope - November 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and the technician gave my car a once over and noted that the tires had a fatal defect that needed replacing right away. We didn't end up getting tires there since we had credit at another store that needed to be used up, but I will continue to use the Rocky Hill Monro for all my automotive needs in the future.
    Mike - November 2017
  • Monro Muffler has done great service on my husband's, son's and daughter's vehicles which have all been serviced at the Rocky Hill, CT store
    Jane - November 2017
  • I had an appointment and everything went great other than the time it took. Why have appointments if you still have to wait to have your oil changed. This is my only gripe.
    Colette - October 2017
  • Service members are friendly and accommodating
    Hollie - October 2017
  • Same day oil change and three in a tire rotation because they matched another competitor coupon!
    Alisa - October 2017
  • I had to get brakes done and an oil change. The price was pretty reasonable.
    Karen - October 2017
  • The appointment was easy to schedule and was time in less than an hour.
    Jillian - October 2017
  • Stayed with issue until it was resolved
    David - October 2017
  • Serviced my a/c and found a leak in my condenser. Offered to help me find the best deal to replace the damaged part.
    Paul - September 2017
  • I've been coming here for years to get my oil changed and sometimes monthly as I commuted long distances. Great prices and quick service.
    Kristen - September 2017
  • Since I've moved to Rocky Hill over a year ago, I started taking my car to Monro. They have been beyond amazing. They are the only place to do my oil changes. They are friendly and so personable. They exceeded my expectations when I brought my car in after feeling something horrible in my tires while on a major interstate on my way home. I pulled in and explained everything and they took it right in and looked at it. After looking at it, they noticed all the control arms and tierods needed to be replaced and told me that it was NOT to be driven until fixed. I have 2 kids, so that meant a lot to me that they were looking out for not only MY safety, but there's as well! I would absolutely choose Monro every time
    Krista - September 2017
  • Oil change tire rotation
    Orlando - September 2017
  • Great people working there
    Emily - September 2017
  • Scheduling an appointment was quick and easy. The oil change, tire rotation, and balancing was done expertly. My car was in and out in an hour.
    Selena - September 2017
  • We easily made and appointment for an oil change. The oil change was done and we were on our way.
    Joan - August 2017
  • The staff at Monro always take great care of our autos.
    Dennis - August 2017
  • I took my 2009 Taurus in for the scheduled oil change. When my car was finished, I was told the air filter is dirty and should be replaced. I said you mentioned that last oil change so why didn't you replace it this time? Answer: We don't do anything without your consent. Question: I was standing outside, why didn't you come and ask me? No answer. Question: Can you replace it now?. Answer: We don't have any in stock. We'll order one and will get it in two weeks. Now, I have to go back again when the air filter could have been replaced during my scheduled oil change IF they ordered a filter the previous time.
    Susan - August 2017
  • They took me right in and was very profesional.
    - August 2017
  • Great Service great Staff. Great Prices
    John - August 2017
  • Terry and his team give honest quotes, do work in the time quoted and communicate effectively.
    David - August 2017
  • Helpful and friendly service!
    Erin - August 2017
  • I came in for new tires and I was also having a issue with my traction control coming on prematurely. I had to bring the car back the next day because of some vibration in the car when driving high speed on the highway. I also noticed that the issue involving the traction control was not complete fixed. Both, issues we're addressed but I didn't like the fact I had to come back the next day. Other than that, I have always had a pleasant visit when needed. I will still go to them in the future...
    Liana - July 2017
  • excellent service manager
    donald - July 2017
  • Great service
    Josuphine - July 2017
  • This location has always been honest, on time and great to work with!!
    Tracy - July 2017
  • Excellent service!
    Yolanda - July 2017
  • Every one that worked at the l Rocky Hill location were very friendly and informative. My oil change took just over an hour from the time I pulled in to the parking lot to the time I left which was very nice. I really liked being able to book my appointment online and will be going there again for other services. Overall I had a great experience!!
    David - June 2017
  • Quick and affordable
    Kevin - June 2017
  • Needed oil change for long trip. Made efforts to fit me in
    David - June 2017
  • I have use this location for multiple service items great guys very professional
    - June 2017
  • I bring my car to Monro always get the correct advise, great service, helpful staff. Wait times are minimal.
    Kathy - June 2017
  • Had my oil change done at Monro. Even though I had made an appointment, I still have to wait a while. All the work involved (checking everything over) was done very thorough and subsequently needed services were explained. I was very pleased with their work. Much better than a 15 min in and out.
    Cr - June 2017
  • Experienced professionals, but sometimes a very long wait .
    Ric - June 2017
  • Excellent service
    Mary - May 2017
  • Terri and his crew on the Silas Deane Highway in Rocky Hill, always provide excellent service. Terri takes the time to explain in language I can understand what the mechanics of the car and the repair are. I completely trust him, whether I fully understand or not. It's a great feeling to leave my car in their capable hands, with such great confidence. I'm a hospice social worker so I rely on my car everyday to drive to and from patient/families homes throughout Connecticut. I left my car for a week while I was away and returned to all the work satisfactorily completed AND under budget! Voted Monro Muffler on the Silas Deane Highway Best Local Repair Shop in the CT NOW Best of Hartford Readers Poll.
    Karen - May 2017
  • For the past five years, I have been bringing all my car issues to Monro. They have been nothing but friendly, and have clearly explained what was wrong with my vehicle and what they were going to do to repair it. As for the price for services, I have never walked away thinking that I paid too much (they have to pay their staff and keep the lights on). As for the manager Terry, I have nothing but good things to say about him. I will continue to use Monro for my auto issues.
    Tom - May 2017
  • Terry and his team provide outstanding service.
    Karen - May 2017
  • Easy going people. Job was done in time good price
    Ilir - April 2017
  • Had a very good experience. Very polite and informative
    Mirta - April 2017
  • This location on Silas Dean in Rocky Hill was great! They fit me in last minute for an oil change and was done within and hour!
    - April 2017
  • The service tech was knowledgeable and explained the different weights of oil.
    Carol - April 2017
  • Got in ahead of my appointment for an oil change. They were quick, friendly, and efficient.
    David - March 2017
  • I received great, professional services, each and every time I brought my vehicle in. I was informed as to what service was needed, and why, including estimated cost and time involved. I am extremely satisfied with the way I was treated, and the service I received.)
    Raymond - March 2017
  • The car drives so much better after getting it worked on here.
    BRADLEY - March 2017
  • I love that I feel like I can trust them with my car every time without question. Very good customer service.
    Liana - March 2017
  • Thank you for the excellent service and exceeding my expectations. Terry the front-end Manager did an exceptional job with schedule my appointment right before a major blizzard in the east coast and then completed a major break job and even fixed the driver side window right on schedule. Thank you to Terry and his technicians.
    William - March 2017
  • Terry and the guys always get it done fast and are honest about what the car needs. That's why I keep coming back.
    Dave - March 2017
  • Quick and easy.
    Liz - March 2017
  • Very professional
    Jay - February 2017
  • Great price, quick service
    frank - February 2017
  • I'm generally uncomfortable taking my car to be serviced because in the past I've been taken advantage of because I'm a young woman and don't know much about cars. I'm so happy a friend told me about this place! The manager whom I spoke with was so polite and informative, I was very grateful and so happy with the service I'll continue to bring my car back for any work I need done.
    Nicole - February 2017
  • I made my appt at lunch time and Terry went above and beyond to make sure i made it on time. Very friendly and helpful!
    Dawn - February 2017
  • My new Goodyear tires have given me fabulous traction in the snow! I was able to test them in 15 inches of snow the same week! Big difference!
    Patricia - February 2017
  • Easy in and out of the shop.
    Erin - February 2017
  • Communication skills is very important to me. This location is one of the best.
    David - February 2017
  • Over and over I bring my cars to Monro in Rocky Hill. They are trustworthy and reliable. I've gotten oil changes, tires, and engine work there. Terry and his guys are wonderful and so helpful, never pushy. I can't emphasize enough how wonderful this shop is.
    Mark - February 2017
  • Great and timely service
    Michael - February 2017
  • good diagnosis and repair and follow up
    david - February 2017
  • Very good and honest , helpful . always on time
    Barbara - February 2017
  • I had an amazing experience.
    Britt - February 2017
  • Always good service & minimal wait time
    Jim - January 2017
  • They staff and the manager Terry have been there for years and they have a relation with the public.
    Albert - December 2016
  • The guys at the Rocky Hill Monro LISTEN to the customer, and check out all my concerns and follow up with feedback that makes sense and provides me with the best servicing options. They are terrific!
    Chris - September 2016
  • Mike at the shop was very accomidating while their facility was experience high volume of work. He was very helpful and knowledgable and helped ease my concerns about my vehicle.
    Audrey - August 2016
  • Fast service for exactly what I asked. I did not have money to do more than just the oil change. The service person explained what work I did need to have done and how soon, but I was not pressured to have it done immediately. Thank you.
    Steve - April 2016
  • Terry always provides excellent customer service.
    John - September 2015

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