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(860) 886-8266

557 W. Main Street
Norwich, CT 06360

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Since Thomas Kodish has taken over this store the serviceis much better. I am completely satisfied with my experience.
    Tonya - March 2018
  • Good quick service and very helpful.
    tanikka - March 2018
  • Excellent shop, excellent staff, excellent experience. Another shop installed new tires and, since I was having a problem with the car pulling to the left, I asked them to do an alignment. After the tires and alignment the car still pulled to the left, I returned to that shop and they told me that the problem was that I needed new front struts, at a cost of $750.00. I wasn't comfortable with this diagnosis so I scheduled an appointment with Monro for an alignment. I was able to get an appointment quickly and after the alignment at Monro the pulling problem was cured! The work was done in the estimated time. The staff was knowledgeable and courteous and they did not try to sell me on other unnecessary repairs. Excellent experience!
    Victor - March 2018
  • good service, and professional.
    M - March 2018
  • Tom took care of my oil change, Tire Rotation and break pad inspection. He explained EVERY. detail to me and didnt just push a stack of papers across the counter. He even made jokes. I felt really comfortable.
    Theresa - March 2018
  • Very helpful customer service. They told me my tires were bald in a few spots and showed me. Offered to put new ones on. And gave me reasons why they thought they were going bald and options.
    Matthew - March 2018
  • ordered tire rotation and oil change notified of coupon $14.99 for oil change, brake and tire pressure check tire rotation, and gave to person also notified to check spare for air pressure as low pressure sensor was on, also gave coupon at check in. 1 person in shop to do oil work. 45 mins later Steve said I was all set. I asked about tires and he said "front tires are bigger." when questioned what that meant he repeated the same. and after reading the paper of hand written depth, or so I assume. He then told me he doesnt rotate tires under those conditions. The vehicle was pulled in on a flat lift so they were unable to rotate tires on that lift anyway. somehow I walked out with a bill of $23.59 have been a monroe customer for a while and was disappointed at the service this time around.
    scot - March 2018
  • At oil change -Thomas answered all my questions ,he did a thorough troubleshooting inspection for free and then showed me all the repairs I need, explained them and even helped me prioritize what needs to be done first second third and so on. He has a very calming affect as I walked in there with so much anxiety but left prepared to handle the situation. The oil change went well - very clean . I've all ways had great tech service at monro Norwich. Thomas seems like he has a phsycolegy degree idk maybe he does ,Thankyou
    Shannon - March 2018
  • They are necessary for traveling safely on our roads.
    Susan - February 2018
  • I was a 30 min early and they did not make me wait Took me right in and got me out early I thought that was great!
    Jose - February 2018
  • I always get great service!!! And the wait time is awesome
    Wanda - February 2018
  • Quick service. Did exactly as asked.
    Jean - January 2018
  • Went in for an oil change and received great customer service, quality work and friendly people. I'll be back!
    Robert - January 2018
  • I love getting my oil changed by pros. They let me know what I need to get fixed and they top off my fluids.
    Marjorie - January 2018
  • They are always friendly, cordial, respectful and knowledgeable.
    Dulmarie - January 2018
  • I was early to my appointment and they took me right in!
    Liza - January 2018
  • There’s guys take the time you want to fix the correct way
    Kyle - January 2018
  • Diagnosed coolant issue, made very knowledgeable recommendation. Courteous.
    Bart - January 2018
  • Super friendly guy at the desk who was very knowledgeable about my car. The only negative comment I have is the parking spots weren't plowed after a snow storm so it made it difficult to drop my vehicle off.
    Victoria - January 2018
  • When the staff did have time to help they was very helpful. The hard part was timing, everyone was always busy and when i did turn in my car it took about 5 hours.
    Darius - December 2017
  • I was very happy with my service, they tested me good and were in contact with me the whole time. Much better experience than I had in October when I had to bring my car in for service. Was treated way better.
    Tonya - December 2017
  • Very polite
    Eddie - December 2017
  • It was my first time and I will be back!!!!
    Florent - December 2017
  • I called at the last minute to have my brakes looked at as they were making a terrible terrible sound Thomas the service manager fit me in my brakes were fixed by the next day. I greatly appreciate him fitting me in last minute.
    Trish - December 2017
  • I've been coming to this Monro location for over 5+ years for all of my cars maintenance. All the employees who work at this store are very friendly and help me with whatever I need. Thomas and Keith are probably the most helpful and are a pleasure to work with. I always get a great price for any auto services I need to get done and I never have to wait long for the service to be completed. I'll always recommend Monro to my friends and family, especially this store.
    Colleen - November 2017
  • I love this place!
    Kristin - November 2017
  • I was very impressed with the value of this Oil change all the additional services you received.
    Erika - November 2017
  • The manager k. Paul was helpful, informative and courteous I would definitely have work done at this location again.
    Dawn - November 2017
  • They were aware of the urgency with my brake pads and were able to get an appointment scheduled right away and during a time that was convenient for me.
    Michelle - November 2017
  • Did not have an appointment and they were short staffed. They were able to fit my oil change in and it only took a short period of time. When they had the car on the lift they noticed that the rear brake pads were not in very good shape they called me to let me know. I like the "report card" that was provided when I picked up my car.
    Michelle - November 2017
  • My car drives so quietly now and drives beautiful again Thank you guys for doing my exhaust.
    Laurisa - November 2017
  • Was able to get in and out with no problems and in a timely manner
    Bianca - November 2017
  • Friendly and quick. Looked and diagnosed problem within minutes. Would Definately use their services again.
    Melissa - November 2017
  • I got to change the oil and check my tires, services was really professional and helpful, Keith was very helpful and explained everything to me , I’m definitely coming back to monro
    viamelkys - November 2017
  • Always depend on them for honest, quality work.
    Bob - November 2017
  • I've been using my local Monro for years for all of my vehicles. Never had any issues at all. Pleasant staff, knowledgeable mechanics and fair prices. Plus they are super fast!
    Angela - November 2017
  • They quickly and professionally diagnosed the reason my brakes were making intermittent noise and dealt with the problem immediately.
    CURT - November 2017
  • did my brakes
    nick - October 2017
  • I was able to bring my car in for an oil change day of with little notice and got in and out fast with no hassle.
    Bianca - October 2017
  • Been going to them after working for enterprise and seeing how quick and straight they were with everyone. Great service for a great price. Always down to earth and personable
    Ryan - October 2017
  • I had to get an oil change. Keith went above and beyond! I had my four young children with me and he set up a movie to keep them entertained. The time flew and the kids didn't want to leave!
    Christina - October 2017
  • Very good, friendly, honest, service. He answered all my questions. Very helpful!!
    Wendy - October 2017
  • Appointment was strictly adhered to. Quick and thorough service.
    Samuel - October 2017
  • Got a oil change. The front desk man is a lil standoffish n kinda rude. But overall good service.
    Theresa - October 2017
  • Very thorough with what they are doing and what I might need done.
    Alexandra - October 2017
  • Great service as always. The man at the desk was very friendly and provided speedy service on 10/14. Not only was I in and out, but I was able to drop off my car and come back for it later. Thanks again!
    Victoria - October 2017
  • Did what they could gave me advice to keep car going good.
    Melissa - October 2017
  • Affordable prices with good customer service.
    Justin - October 2017
  • I have been a faithful customer to this particular location for years. I do not normally deal with the service guy who was in there this time. When I arrived to my appointment, he seemed like I was a bother to him at the end of his day (even though I had an appointment for an oil change). I asked him if he could check a bulb that is out and check my tires because I was hearing a noise. They took my car in a few minutes late of my appointment time (no big deal). But when my car came back out, I asked about the bulb and he said "Oh I forgot, sorry. If it's a small one I wouldn't have it anyway." I found that rude and very dismissive. He didn't offer to take a look and change it quick for me. I also asked about the noise my car was making from a tire and he said he didn't see anything but he doesn't know what it could be anyway. I don't feel entirely confident in the work that was done based on his attitude. I drove away really disappointed and rather put off by this experience. I would be hesitant to come back and get my work done by this tech.
    Chelsea - October 2017
  • I went in for an estimate. They greeted me immediately. Within 10 minutes they had my car on the lift. They then gave me my written estimate and explained the details. Best of the all, the was no pressure - just all the information I needed to make my decision. I was very impressed.
    Gail - October 2017
  • I’ve been having my car(s) serviced by the people at Monro for over 10 years, from oil changes to full brake replacements. Of all the other options in my area, they are the best. Always friendly, helpful, and honest in both their assessment of my vehicle and they offer the best prices around, all while providing the highest quality work! I always recommend Monro to anyone looking for a place to bring their vehicles for service.
    Heather - October 2017
  • Always a pleasure! Will be back!
    Jolanta - October 2017
  • The guys here were so nice, they did my brakes so fast and my oil really quickly
    Kevin - October 2017
  • Good service by Keith. Easy to deal with.
    Samantha - October 2017
  • Keith Paul is an excellent manager and provided great customer service making sure that I understood what services were available and going the extra mile to make sure that I understood exactly what was wrong with my car. His technicians are knowledgeable and courteous and the cost of service is honest as well as fair. In addition service appointments are honored and they stand by their good work. This is important to me because I have been over charged at other places as well as experienced classic upsell which I hate. Here at Monro Muffler /Brake & Service , I only pay for what I need. They put customer service first over squeezing every dollar out of a customer.
    Vanessa - September 2017
  • Keith is very helpful and friendly! I would absolutely recommend their shop!
    Shannon - September 2017
  • I really enjoy going to Monroe to have my car serviced. I never had a bad experience and have always been treated very nice and with respect. I love how they explain things to you.
    Dulmarie - September 2017
  • Great experience, fast service.
    Maria - September 2017
  • The man behind the counter was very sarcastic and spoke to me like I was stupid.
    Denise - September 2017
  • They take my car and always thoroughly check it over, I'm a little bit of a worrier! I like the fact they will explain an issue and tell me if it's a right now thing to do. Or a must get done in a few months type of issue..I'm a single mom, so they understand I have a tight budget! I always recommend them to my family and friends!
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • Oil change only took a half hour. The workers communicated with me about everything I wanted to know. And answered alot of questions I had.
    Amber - September 2017
  • Came for an oil change, and it was fast and efficient. They discovered my air filter had been chewed by mice. Gross! So they took care of that, but otherwise didn't try to upsell me! What more could you ask for from an oil change?
    Britany - September 2017
  • I just went to get a belt replaced and the estimate they gave me was higher than the actual price so I knew what to expect. It was done in a very timely manner and the service was great!
    Briana - September 2017
  • Poor customer relations. Prices quoted weren't honored. Fast talking sales tactics. I won't be back.
    Mark - September 2017
  • great speedy service provided.
    Riju - September 2017
  • Tail pipe and oil change
    michael - September 2017
  • I was a walkin appointment and they had my vehicle ready to go quickly.
    Thomas - September 2017
  • Everytime i need a oil change i always speed dial monroe. I never have to wait for an appointment and the guys there are very respectful men. I always recommend my friends there.
    Jerry - September 2017
  • Great staff, excellent service!!
    Darren - September 2017
  • Manager was very helpful
    michael - September 2017
  • Keith is a good friendly worker.
    Cris - September 2017
  • Fast & reliable service ! GUARANTEED
    Shawna - September 2017
  • The service was great. they were very attentive and explained what was wrong with my car thoroughly.
    Loree - September 2017
  • New to town and went to Monro because we received a coupon in the mail. Staff was polite, friendly, and helpful. Answered my questions patiently. I will be coming here again.
    Cassie - September 2017
  • Always can get an appointment when requested without a hassle. Am in and out in no time.
    Nichole - September 2017
  • They are great! I can't think of a better place to go to
    Ishmaelle - September 2017
  • Excellent service. Very nice to work with.
    Lenny - September 2017
  • Quick and efficient let me know right away that he couldn't do my rotation on my tires because of a strips lug nut in the front right tire which had been done by another auto body shop. Very nice about the whole thing took me in like a half hour before they close didn't complain was very friendly me great conversation told me everything he was doing to the car.
    Kourtney - September 2017
  • They did a good job in my vehicle all the time
    Norma - September 2017
  • Great employees and great work
    Adam - September 2017
  • Oil Change
    C. - August 2017
  • Unlike other oil change shops, there's no hard upsells for filters, fluid changes, etc, etc. Reasonable prices and prompt service.
    Bob - August 2017
  • Great service for car. Staff very knowledgeable about their products.
    Serena - August 2017
  • Keith assisted me today with the first oil change on my first car. He answered all my questions and even educated me on the condition of my tires and brakes. I tend to discuss my concerns more than is necessary but Keith listened patiently and I really appreciate that! At the end of the service, I was given my invoice, a detailed report card, and estimates for other services I'll need. Overall this was a pleasant experience and I plan on returning for future services.
    Tiffany - August 2017
  • They went above and beyond for a regular oil change. They found a few things that I should be concerned about and get fixed.
    David - August 2017
  • Very good customer service skills
    Madiyna - August 2017
  • What are you going to my car was very thoroughly explain to me with details on pricing and other options if necessary.
    Alyssa - August 2017
  • Wouldn't change a thing. Service was great.
    Kyle - August 2017
  • We are traveling. Mr. Paul, the Manager was very knowledgeable and one of the most courteous auto repair people I have ever dealt with.
    Andrew - August 2017
  • I am always out in about a half hour and the staff members are super nice. The waiting area is quiet and cool, which is nice when it's 90 degrees out.
    Rebecca - August 2017
  • This place is very close by to my house so I USED to always go here to get my oil changed. Well the last time I went and had my oil changed and tires rotated. After I got home I noticed my wheel cap was missing no big deal I figured they forgot to put it back on so when I got time I went down to see if they had it, no. The guy apologized and said he would order a new cap for me and call me when it came in. A month went by no call, so I went back down "oh I haven't forgot you it still hasn't come in." Another month went by no call. This time "oh sorry I forgot to call and they shipped it back to the warehouse. Imagine my frustration, I wish he would have just told me from the beginning to handle it myself rather than giving me the run around which I know was lies! Thanks Monroe
    Daniel - August 2017
  • Oil change wasn't a long wait
    Madiyna - August 2017
  • easy scheduling, on time
    Shari - August 2017
  • Saw screw in tire. Brought truck down to have it fixed. They said that it could be done. Had to wait for the technician to finish the cars ahead of me. Fixed the tire , still holding air .
    Tom - August 2017
  • Tires. Car has a smoother ride.
    Octavia - August 2017
  • I always go to Monroe in Norwich to get my oil changed. Quick service and always a friendly face.
    Ashley - August 2017
  • Came in on a spare with broken studs... quickly replaced broken/damaged studs and repaired flat... all in under an hour and got me back on the road... Steven was awesome and very curtious
    Robert - August 2017
  • Oil changes are quick and Monroe leaves my car dirt free!
    Jawann - August 2017
  • Friendly & prompt service.
    Ed - July 2017
  • Got me right in and right out for an oil change, even though I was a little late.
    Ryan - July 2017
  • on time oil change, rotated tires
    Kellen - July 2017
  • Visited for the first time for an oil change - quick, friendly service and a great price!
    Angela - July 2017
  • Need ac for hot weather
    Mike - July 2017
  • After a scheduling mishap I was scheduled to another day. They took me even though I was ten minutes late. They got it done quick and they were very personable with repeat customers that came in. Once they saw my last name they remarked about knowing my parents who bring their cars in. All around good guys. And they didn't try and force me to get what I don't want yet, but they make sure I know anyways. That's how you know they care about their work.
    Ryan - July 2017
  • Because parts were dealer took longtime to come in
    Larry - July 2017
  • Quick and great service. Explained issues and things to fix soon.
    Anthony - July 2017
  • Great service and customer interaction. Only con,wish Monro would top off my fluids like windshield wipers.
    Anthony - July 2017
  • After a problematic incident at a Monro in Hartford I was beyond thankful to go to the Norwich location and receive such outstanding customer service and overall kindness with a fabulous gentleman who carefully went over ever step of my oil change with me! I have never received such amazing care, while I do live in between Hartford and Norwich (an hour in each direction) I will be sure to return to the Norwich location for all of my oil changes! Can't say enough great things about this experience! Thank you Monro for favoring genuine customer care with quick service and knowledgeable employees who are extremely eager to ensure my vehicle is in it's best shape!
    Jolanta - July 2017
  • The associate at the counter wasn't very friendly when I dropped my car off in the am. He was much more pleasant later on.
    Marybeth - July 2017
  • Best customer service I've had in a long time,,the manager was there on his day off because of employee called out,,oh lucky me..he was so honest and helpful to my situation.
    Metro - July 2017
  • The service was great. Keith took the time to clearly explain everything that I needed to have done. The only thing keeping this experience from 5 stars is the length of time the appointment took. Over 4 hours for tires, calipers and an oil change.
    Hayley - July 2017
  • Went for an oil change and came out with a great services. Free tire rotation ect.
    Christopher - July 2017
  • Manger took care of me upgraded my thought process on type of oil to better suit my needs. He did a great job!!
    Kyle - July 2017
  • maintenance
    nancy - July 2017
  • Working fine
    Mike - July 2017
  • Wrong oil. Wrote wrong mileage. Didn't check my brakes as advertised. Paid $70
    Kate - July 2017
  • Goid
    Mike - July 2017
  • Fast, in and out
    Brieann - July 2017
  • Great service. Nice customer service skills. I learned enough about my breaks. Definetly a relief to know my car was perfectly fine. Thanks Monroe team for the time and effort.
    Amber - July 2017
  • had an oil change and tire rotation. They checked everything and suggested things that should be done for the safety of my car
    susan - July 2017
  • Good service here, just wish the mail that Monro sent me didn't have fine print directly under the "$14.99 oil change" that says with the Monro credit card only. Also, what "normal" car takes only 4 quarts of oil these days??? The normal should at least be 5. That's how they get you in the shop and turn a $14.99 oil change into a $40 oil change really quick.
    Austin - July 2017
  • Great service, quick oil change for a good price. Delt with Keith Paul
    Colby - June 2017
  • Fast service, and awesome personality.
    Anthony - June 2017
  • I gave a coupon for 9.99 oil change with the drive card I applied for the card and charged on the drive card .I was charged 40.00 with synthetic blend . I would appreciate an explanation if possible. Thank you.
    Dennis - June 2017
  • I gave a coupon for 9.99 oil change with the drive card I applied for the card and charged on the drive card .I was charged 40.00 with synthetic blend . I would appreciate an explanation if possible. Thank you.
    Dennis - June 2017
  • nice person
    Buddy - June 2017
  • I went to get an oil change. They did it in a timely manner and took the time to thoroughly check my car. I was told that my brakes weren't good but if it wasn't for them explaining to me how bad it is and showing me an example to compare with my brakes, I would've never known how urgent the situation was.
    Cindy - June 2017
  • Had coupon for 9.99 oil change with drive card. Applied for card and charged service on card but was charged $40.00 for oil change with max blend oil. Was I overcharged?
    Dennis - June 2017
  • Great service
    Michael - June 2017
  • Awesome job
    Lori - June 2017
  • Did an awesome job
    Lori - June 2017
  • Great customer service
    Arline - June 2017
  • Did an awesome job
    Lori - June 2017
  • The tires I bought were affordable and great quality for the price, they grip well and the ride quality has improved greatly since my change, and the wheel alignment was done well and the car tracks straight and true, night and day difference from my previous tires, very happy with the job. The job took a little over an hour and have no complaints to speak of, will definitely buy here again.
    Roberto - June 2017
  • I was treated kindly. All my questions were answered. Job was done effeciently.
    Jean - June 2017
  • Extremely helpful and respectful
    Joey - June 2017
  • Fast service even with lack of technicians for the day.
    Victoria - June 2017
  • Coolant flush was quick and staff was very friendly
    Nathan - June 2017
  • Had brakes oil change guys were very nice car sounded and drove smoothly
    Connie - June 2017
  • I've been going to this location for several years and recently moved out of the area,I had my oil changed at a place closer to me and wasn't happy AT ALL. When my last oil changed and tire rotation was due,I made the trip back to Norwich Monro and will continue to do so. ??
    Theresa - June 2017
  • The oil change is a good price and the associates are nice
    Kim - June 2017
  • I have had my fare share of car repair places but I will have to say the customer service at this particular location was AMAZING! Very friendly and professional! I would come back any time!!!!
    Amra - June 2017
  • I needed my rear brakes replaced. The tech took the time to show me the condition of those brakes and the front brakes as well. Recommended I service those at my next oil change. Service completed in a timely manner. Professional
    Christopher - June 2017
  • Oil change
    Matyse - June 2017
  • Nice crew
    Josue - June 2017
  • he was very helpful
    mary - June 2017
  • I dropped my car off at 12:30 because I needed brakes and heard a rattling sound. They called me at 1 to say that my calipers were also in bad shape so I had those replaced plus the rattling was a cracked manifold. Had it all done and the car back together by 5 and have had no issues.
    Shawn - June 2017
  • Memorial Day needed an oil change, price was great, and wait was short. very accomodating
    Paul - May 2017
  • The warranty on my tire helped me out when I got a flat.
    Kelly - May 2017
  • Took way to long and even though the associate put a paper mat on the floor, there was grease/dirt on the steering wheel and door,
    Christine - May 2017
  • Friendly place to get service on your vehicles. They have amazing customer service skills. They never try to sell you anything that you don't need. I will always come to this monro for my basic service on my vehicle.
    Ryan - May 2017
  • I bought tires from Monro and they were done in about an hour, which was very convenient.
    Sara - May 2017
  • they took excellent care of my car..
    Benjamin - May 2017
  • I love monro great fast service and always get the job done the first time I will always recommend monro to everyone.
    Jose - May 2017
  • I love monro great fast service and always get the job done the first time I will always recommend monro to everyone.
    Jose - May 2017
  • oil change and tire rotation the sales person was polite and very courteous d kind knew his product
    Gordon - May 2017
  • An oil change took an hour and a half.
    Kris - May 2017
  • Went in guy at desk was nice took my info gave me quote. I said ok. It was that quick and easy
    Kyle - May 2017
  • very stable good price
    Nancy - May 2017
  • I purchased tires and brakes from Monro and had excellent service
    Dee - May 2017
  • A+ great service
    Todd - May 2017
  • Great customer service
    Tanya - May 2017
  • I recently had an oil change at Munro in Norwich, CT. They were very professional. The oil change was done quickly. They even reset my car oil change indicator light. I will definitely be using them again.
    Linda - May 2017
  • Been a customer for 4 yrs and been satisfied. Thank you.
    Edwin - May 2017
  • Great service. Cheap and affordable
    Tyler - May 2017
  • Normally when I come to Monro, I leave feeling like I wasn't treated very nicely. But, that wasn't the case this time! Steven is the best and I am going to make sure to go back when he is working next time.
    Julia - May 2017
  • They get it done here! Making an appointment is definitely the way to go, and you get pretty efficient service without too much upselling!
    Britany - May 2017
  • Every time I am here for an oil change they suggest what's best for my car and they finish quickly
    Bahan - May 2017
  • I was promptly greeted and explained to the important workmanship that needed to be done.
    Bryan - May 2017
  • Perfect job
    Carlos - May 2017
  • I love coming here because it is an affordable price with great service. The manager Kieth is great! He always takes care of my car and lets me know if anything is wrong and what services I will need in the future. He helps me every step of the way.
    Denyce - May 2017
  • The staff at the Norwich Monroe Muffler is always so friendly.
    Saundra - April 2017
  • Monro has great service and prices. The staff is always friendly. They get you in and out. I would definitely recommend Monro Muffler of Norwich CT
    Yulinda - April 2017
  • I never had a bad experience at Monro. They always take the time to explain and to give you options.
    Dulmarie - April 2017
  • Had made an appointment for a certain time and showed up an hour early instead of making me wait the hour they took my car in. I was out about 40 minutes later which is earlier than I expected. They are so friendly and helpful.
    Sara - April 2017
  • Worry free service, on time, well explained
    Michael - April 2017
  • Worry free service, on time, well explained
    Michael - April 2017
  • I get my oil changed here - they give an honest assessment of other issues with your car without necessarily recommending their own services.
    Gregory - April 2017
  • I allways come for an oil change cause service is great and prices are low!
    Joel - April 2017
  • Very friendly staff! Always gets the job done quick and if they can't they will tell me an accurate wait time or set up an appointment that they will be able to accommodate!
    Mark - April 2017
  • Great Service
    Hollie - April 2017
  • I take all my vehicles here whenever there's a problem. Today, I had one of my cars towed to my local Monro Muffler. Called Keith to tell him it was arriving. Was very happy that in about an hour of it being towed, he called me to inform me of the problem. The brake pedal was hard to push and I had no brakes originally. The mechanics replaced a plug for the brake booster and that solved the problem. The trouble I'm having is, the part costed $3.30, and the labor was $33. Really? I feel as a valued customer, there should be certain discounts, especially on labor that should be applied for being loyal. I had just got this same car back from this garage on the Friday before.
    Lisa - April 2017
  • Always going above and beyond, only place I trust to get my oil changed at!
    Ashley - April 2017
  • Was having intermittent starter related problems but they couldn't figure out the problem.
    Lisa - April 2017
  • Everything was great
    Nicholas - April 2017
  • As a female, I am always concerned about being taken advantage of when it comes to car repairs. But the folks at my Monro did just what they said they would do and didn't try to sell me products and services I didn't need.
    Charla - April 2017
  • Was driving a death trap until my Monroe guy helped me out.
    Nancy - April 2017
  • I got an alignment the staff was very helpful and explain to me what was wrong with my vehicle
    Liane - April 2017
  • great service
    andrew - April 2017
  • Great friendly staff who was completely honest
    James - April 2017
  • Good service as usual
    Chris - April 2017
  • Came in last weekend and had scheduled online. I received a phone call quickly re-schedule and confirm my time and dropped my car off early and everything was taken care of when I returned. Thanks!
    Victoria - April 2017
  • Came in last weekend and had scheduled online. I received a phone call quickly re-schedule and confirm my time and dropped my car off early and everything was taken care of when I returned. Thanks!
    Victoria - April 2017
  • Great service in a timely manor no excessive coasts , no added service coast just did what needed to be done. Great job
    Dan - April 2017
  • Will go back agiain
    John - April 2017
  • Got an oil change and my tires rotated. Keith was very polite and helpful. I did ask him to have my tires all put at the same tire pressure, however, which he forgot. But oh, well. I'll still come back.
    Austin - April 2017
  • quick appointment, on-time and quality job performance, good customer service
    Henry - April 2017
  • The people who work for Monro are very efficient and easy to get along with. They are very professional and speak to all the customers with respect.
    Susan - March 2017
  • Service was great.
    Damonda - March 2017
  • Scheduled a oil change for noon; waited 45 minutes for someone to come to the front desk as everybody was in the bay. One guy finally showed up and I mentioned I had an apportionment at noon and it was close to 1pm he proceeded to tell me very rude why I didn't bang on the window to get their attention to start my appointment. First guy ended up leaving and I got another guy to pull up my information to start my appointment--much nicer. I only went here because I receive discounts through my job... first and last time there.
    Michaela - March 2017
  • I brought my vehicle in last minute and they were able to squeeze me in. The staff was very friendly!
    Maria - March 2017
  • I took my car in for have my brakes fixed. These guys were very professional about it. He showed me the brakes and pointed out exactly what was wrong with it. They also got it done in a timely manner.
    Samuel - March 2017
  • Had an appointment so it went well... there were other customers that were waiting for quite a bit because they didn't have an appointment and there were only two guys working.
    Lauren - March 2017
  • Took car in to have brakes looked at, the service was excellent. He showed me my brakes and said they were fine. He didn't try to have me purchase new brakes.
    Donald - March 2017
  • there is no product
    Jarri - March 2017
  • No issues these guys are totally thorough not happy about the price but very greatful these guys found the issue before anymore damage could be done outstanding customer service
    Lonnie - March 2017
  • Monro mechanics do good work at a reasonable price.
    Rick - March 2017
  • Recently received service for new brakes and rotors. The brakes seem to work fine and no complaints.
    D. - March 2017
  • Thank you so much for having my car in and out of the bay! Def will be coming back for oil changes!
    Allison - March 2017
  • Dropped our car off for an oil change and tire rotation. They were slammed and told me they'd probably not be able to get to it until the next day. Got a call later that afternoon and everything was done, excellent service.
    Thomas - March 2017
  • Dropped off the car on a busy day and the representative didn't think they'd be able to get to it until the next day. Pleasant surprise when I got a call later that afternoon and the car was ready. Most convenient and efficient service for the area.
    Thomas - March 2017
  • Excellent, quick service and they were very helpful!
    Elisabeth - March 2017
  • Very friendly & informative service and on time.
    Edward - March 2017
  • Fixed the jeep
    Mike - March 2017
  • After another shop could not get a wheel off. I brought to Monro in Norwich,Ct where they were able to get the wheel off balance two new tires and perform an alignment. The job was done on time and right the 1st time.
    PETER - March 2017
  • Always available when i need to get my oil changed, however not the best customer service, quit rude actually.
    Fern - March 2017
  • Keith rocks, great customer service,and I have my own complaint box. Lol.
    Ed - March 2017
  • Very friendly staff, knowledgable, thorough, and helpful.
    Joan - March 2017
  • Very accommodating and thorough,
    Edward - March 2017
  • Awesome customer service. Only thing, they forgot to put sticker for when is the next time I need to bring my car in for next oil change. That's something that is very important.
    Julissa - March 2017
  • Kevin the store manager is extremely helpful when scheduling appointments and reviewing any items during the appointment. The appearance of the entire work staff is top notch and when watching through the window of the waiting room, they all seem to help each other to get the job done.
    Erik - March 2017
  • They're always friendly and fast I always go to them .
    Danielle - March 2017
  • The tires are very good and seem really reliable
    Heidi - March 2017
  • fast service
    yogini - March 2017
  • Great service and the staff is very knowledgeable
    Shauntia - March 2017
  • I will always go to Monro Muffler and Brake for my oil change. They're so fast that I barely had time to get into the movie in the waiting room before they pulled my car around. If you don't already go here then you are wasting your money elsewhere.
    Kyle - February 2017
  • Great guys to do the work on your vehicles, very helpful very willing to help you with whatever issues your having with your car
    Dan - February 2017
  • Got car back in a timely manner
    Melissa - February 2017
  • The guys are always polite and helpful on everything..
    Cris - February 2017
  • The have been bringing my vehicle to this shop for a number of years and have always been satisfied with the service provided.
    Ron - February 2017
  • Competent staff that works hard to keep you safe.
    Sean - February 2017
  • Did a good job with oil change and nice and Speedy
    John - February 2017
  • I can count on the products purchased with a great smile from the staff
    Susan - February 2017
  • great service at this store in Norwich, ct
    Robert - February 2017
  • Went in the other day to get an oil change. Made an appointment online. Got there and realized I must have not pressed confirm on the appointment page. So my appointment never got sent to the store. The guy at the counter did an amazing job fitting me into the schedule. Amazing crew here. Very flexible. DIDN'T TRY TO SELL ME ANYTHING I DIDN'T NEED. Also while I was there I got a tire quote. These guys are awesome
    Ryan - February 2017
  • Came in with a loud noise and asked them to check my front brakes. They found out what was causing it and ha me on my way.
    Lonnie - February 2017
  • Great, Friendly service. Very quick on a Saturday.
    Victoria - February 2017
  • Good service and good product, dropped the car off for the day since we had errands do do and was already when we swung by again. We've been coming to Monro for bout a year since we moved to the area and have always had very good service.
    Thomas - February 2017
  • First of all I went in 40 minutes early for my oil change because I was nervous about a snowstorm coming in and was received in a pleasant manner and arranged to accomidate me as soon as possible. They found a few issues with my car and the Manager Mr. Paul brought me in to show me and explain to me the problems. I appreciated that immensely.
    Helen - February 2017
  • Nice people
    Sandra - February 2017
  • I had a great experience and always get all my mechanical work done through monro.
    Melissa - February 2017
  • I use Monro for my oil changes. I' m busy and they find room for me and my schedule. I get a reminder for the next change. At first the employees seem very gruff and short (2 different ones on 2 different days), give them a minute or two. I think they were busy and did the best they could. Upon returning both times the gentleman were much friendlier. Actually holding conversations while I waited.
    Pollyanna - February 2017
  • I was a walk in customer. The guy behind the counter greeted me right away and was very knowledgeable. They were very efficient!
    Teia - January 2017
  • Great service
    Shazal - January 2017
  • Affordable
    Jordan - January 2017
  • The guys at the Norwich location are stellar! Quick, efficient, and reasonable. Never try to sell me anything I don't need. I make an appointment for my oil change and it's in and out.
    ActiveJer - January 2017
  • Service was friendly and fast. Price was as promised over the phone with no surprises. Very satisfied.
    NEAL - January 2017
  • This is a local business that can be proud of their customer service. They give great value for dependable work.
    Michael - November 2016
  • I was treated well by the salesperson and was told about services needed.
    Denise - August 2016
  • Aside from a routine oil change,someone else told me my vehicle needed work and the guys at Monro checked it out and found the problem and fixed it for A LOT cheaper than the other place. I would (and have) recommend this Monro to others.
    Theresa - August 2016
  • I always feel as though my vehicle is taken care of, and the employees there provide me with all of the information that I need.
    George - June 2016
  • The service was very good. The people were very helpful and even showed me what was the problem.
    Donald - May 2016
  • Keith has always displayed great customer service. We take three of our vehicles to this shop because of the great service and explanations given for services.
    Erik - April 2016
  • Called as soon as my tires arrived to schedule an appointment.
    Micheal - August 2015

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