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3334 Berlin Turnpike
Newington, CT 06111

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What People Are Saying:

  • Excellent Customer Servic
    Rashim - March 2018
  • I have had oil changes, hoses replaced and other work done here at the Newington, CT store, even though I moved back to Vernon over three years ago, because of the excellent service and the exceptional managers, who are polite, informative and show you the problems that they are working on.
    Jane - March 2018
  • Went in for a full synthetic oil change on my 2013 Corolla. The guy running the counter was very friendly and we had a pretty good conversation even despite the fact that the store was getting hammered. He was able to handle it all as well as keep up a good conversation. Also they actually rotated my tires. I've been to Monroe several times before (Different location) and they never once rotated my tires.
    Thomas - March 2018
  • My boyfriend and I brought my 2016 Chevy Sonic in for an oil change. The oil change was on sale so we got it for an awesome price plus it came with free tire rotation, break inspection, filter replacement, and the fluids topped off. We got an "break strip" to show us the break fluid corrosion test results so we know the condition of the brakes. They were honest, straight forward, respectful, careful and quick. I would definitely recommend getting your oil changes as well as any other work that needs to be done to your car done at Monro on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington CT.
    Michelle - February 2018
  • Good and quick service.
    Mark - January 2018
  • great service tech was very good explaining what service he did to car what service is need to thecar
    Indiana - January 2018
  • service was great the tech did good job explaining what service he did to my car
    Indiana - January 2018
  • Even though I didn’t have an appointment, they made it happen! The service was fast & efficient! The manager Michael K. was informative & helpful! I would recommend this place of business to anyone in the area!
    Lucy - January 2018
  • I had my brakes looked at and done along with the rotors. The staff was pleasant and was upfront honest with me which is hard to come by when dealing with car repairs. Although they were under staffed and it did take alittle bit longer then expected they were apologetic about the wait. I would definitely recommend this location
    Joann - January 2018
  • Took care of my leaking tire for free! Excellent customer service.
    daryl - December 2017
  • This site is always clean, the employees are always friendly and are honest
    Amy - December 2017
  • Manager was very accommadting
    Jackie - November 2017
  • Friendly honest staff and easy to deal with. Lower cost than all the local competition and a better experience.
    Eric - November 2017
  • Car was in & to drop off evening for convenience
    Patricia - November 2017
  • Car was in & to drop off evening for convenience
    Patricia - November 2017
  • They always say my car needs a new oil pan.... this is the 3rd car I brought there, how ironic they all 3 need oil pans???
    Aikeem - November 2017
  • Monro Muffler and Brake has consistently provided me with efficient and friendly service. On 11/13/017 I my fuel system serviced as well as having two rear shocks installed on my 2014 Hyundai, Elantra. Between the fuel system service and the shocks being installed was about an hour. Not bad. The cost was affordable and I was even asked if I wanted the old shocks which may have had a "core return/refund." Both my technician and AL, site manager, asked me about whether or not I wanted the used shocks. What a thoughtful way of doing business - opposed to them just keeping the old parts which may have return value. As always the bathroom, the waiting area and the outside facility were nicely kept and the TV was available for viewing, with a reasonable volume and appropriate station. If your automobile/s need service Monro Muffler and Brake of Newington is a great choice which will not disappoint you - give them an opportunity to WOW you. Truly, Edward Lynch
    Edward - November 2017
  • Your review by Edward Lynch To those of you that have not been to Monro Muffler and Brake of Newington, Connecticut: First, I must give you the required disclaimer - I have worked with Mr. Abbott in the past as a co-worker at a different company. But I will not let this item permit me to give a false review - I am a current paying customer at his shop, in Newington. Secondly, it wouldn't be fair to you, potential new customers. Today I purchased two new tires and also had them installed at Monro, Newington. The technician, Mr. M. Kosswig, (Mike?), was efficient, friendly and professional. The tire balance was free! I also got a free check and advise on other items - this was great for my driving safety and for the others on the roadway - Mike performed free inspection on all of the following: my brakes, struts, free tire rotation, free valve stems, air pressure on all four tires, even though only two new installed. The tire price was fair and equal to any competitor. For a little extra I got the extended road warranty on my two new tires. And much to my surprise I received a complimentary basic oil change. The current special is already at a reduced price for oil changes! The techs are professional, courteous and have the backing of a transportation professional, their manager, Mr. AL Abbott. (AL has previously worked as a manager at a well known truck service center/travel plaza. And was also a driver for Fed Ex. Lastly, he served our country, and you, for 20 years in the United States Navy! AL's shop, Monro Muffler and Brake is well kept, clean, organized and staffed professionally. You can only expect service that is above average with warranty on any work or parts. AL served our country and you for twenty years... And is an upstanding father & husband, you owe it to yourself and him and his new staff to get your automobile/s repaired or upgraded at Monro Muffler & Brake, 3334 Berlin Tpk, Shop 513, Newington, CT. I'll be going back! Hope to see you there.
    Edward - October 2017
  • The severice was outstanding. The store was the cleanest Monroe Store I’ve to. Without a doubt, I will be returning for my car services.
    Mildred - October 2017
  • I like that I can make appointments online. These guys are always quick and friendly and never try to push unnecessary service on me.
    Stephanie - October 2017
  • Monro always does an excellent job with my oil change and makes sure everything is just right
    Rachael - October 2017
  • All I wanted is a oil change. The man working there said I had a lot of different things wrong with my car. One thing he said that my battery is almost shot.. I just change the battery not to long a go. He said my tires were worn which can't be true....Because I just had Town Fair Tire look at my tires about 2 months ago. The man said other things were wrong with my car also. I think he was taking advandage of me because I a woman. If I would Have listen to him- my bill would have been super high. The first time I went to Monro the service was excellent--now I will never go there again. I am angry for being treated as someone stupid.
    Marie - October 2017
  • I went in for my usual oil change and tire rotation. What normally took only a few minutes ended up taking 2 hours. I realize the regular manager wasn't in, there was someone covering for him. What happened was that a piece of the tire gauge broke off, they ended up having to replace the whole thing. I was told about the piece breaking off and having to be fixed, but only when I asked was I told they had to replace the whole thing. I understand their frustration because the servicing didn't go well, but I should have been told why it took so long The price was very reasonable,but I didn't get an estimate of the repairs, as I had asked for. I believe the covering manager had trouble with the computer and couldn't print it out. But again I wasn't told this. I do greatly appreciate the regular manager, hope he's recovering well. I was told he had a heart attack. I really missed him!
    Audrey - September 2017
  • Very nice, he made it easy explaining about my car and the service and the pricing . I didn't feel like I was being ripped off or they were trying to upsell me . I have and will again recommend this locale
    Dina - September 2017
  • Excellent oil change.
    Brendan - August 2017
  • Service was,excellent
    David - August 2017
  • Loving the new brakes! I can stop now, haha.
    Tyler - August 2017
  • The service is excellent
    Sandipan - August 2017
  • Service was completed as described, will get my oil changed here again!!
    Jerry - August 2017
  • I waited for an hour and a half for them to do an oil change despite having an appointment that was made 2 days earlier. I presented a competitors coupon and a printout of the Monro price guarantee to match and beat the competitor's price by 5%. The competitors price was $15.95 so I should have paid 5% less than that. Instead I paid $29 and change, nearly twice the competitor's price!!! They are supposed to do several inspections and rotate the tires. The manager said the tires didn't need rotating and there was no indication of the results of any of the checks such as the % of brake pads remaining, etc. I addressed all of this with the manager but got nowhere. I followed up with an email using the Monro website contact form dated July 27th and have not heard anything back.
    Clay - August 2017
  • I always get greeted with a smile when I enter. They work with a quickness and don't miss a detail. Thank you for always being outstanding!
    Jessica - August 2017
  • Had an issue with my car that no one could seem to figure out. The manage Leo took the time to research the problem and actually fixed the issue!! I am so ecstatic! I have been dealing with this for months. Great job! #TeamMonro
    Liana - August 2017
  • They are very respectfully and really take the time to care for your vehicle.
    Liana - July 2017
  • I get my oil changes here. Leo is AWESOME!! There is a new tech and he wasn't very nice.
    Amy - July 2017
  • The people at monro muffler. Were very courteous and efficient.
    Krista - July 2017
  • The staff was very friendly, personable and very professional. I will be recommending this location specifically
    Johnathan - July 2017
  • I like the lifetime warranty on mufflers and the great job soldering it to the exhaust pipe and for using a spring bolt kit to ensure a snug, tight fit to the car that will last!
    Susan - July 2017
  • Very friendly and I didn't have to wait long at all. I was even brought under the car to show me what was done and what was needed in the future - that was a surprise! No upselling either which was very much appreciated. Thank you very much!
    Beverly - July 2017
  • Not expensive , very friendly.
    Dhiren - July 2017
  • Regular maintenance
    Duhamel - June 2017
  • I really like the staff at this location, they are courteous and professional.
    Lucy - June 2017
    Bill - June 2017
  • Friendly staff and very knowledgeable. I have been going here for years and will continue going
    Timothy - June 2017
  • Work was done quickly and friendly employees.
    Kevin - June 2017
  • I always come to Monro with any car problem I trust them and they are very competent and fair
    Christopher - May 2017
  • Great!
    Michael - May 2017
  • It was recommended that windshield wipers be replaced and tires be rebalanced. I appreciated the recommendations as I am a widow and view the service people as professionals and with a knowledge of cars.
    Carol - May 2017
  • Got there 5 minutes prior to my appointment. My Car didn't even go into the shop until 45 minutes past my scheduled appointment time . They also aren't very tactful on how they press additional services on to you, I know plenty about cars don't feed me bull
    Mike - May 2017
  • Fast and easy drop off service, friendly staff. Some parts and service over priced, but the work has always been reliable.
    Laura - May 2017
  • Staff are always respectful and timely
    Michael - May 2017
  • car work done on time, price was better than expected
    Valerie - May 2017
  • My husband and I have our own mechanic that we use near our jobs, but I as unable to get in for an oil change. I googled the best Instant Oil Change Places near my home in Newington, CT and Monro kept coming up over and over. I went there last Saturday and couldn't have had a better experience. Leo, the store's Manager is awesome! Such a nice guy who went above and beyond with my car. I needed a new air filter, and the store didn't have one for my type of car, so Leo went to their sister store in New Britain to get the air filter himself. He also applied any and all coupons that were currently available. I never felt like I was getting a sales pitch for product either, which other chains (Firestone, Valvoline) are famous for. Although I AM loyal to our family mechanic, I will absolutely come back to Monro if need be.
    Natalie - May 2017
  • The store manager was great mr graham leighton very helpful five star rating manager
    Glorymar - May 2017
  • Great and quick service
    Rob - April 2017
  • Friendly, fast and great work
    Keith - April 2017
  • Monroe provides excellent service. From the friendly manager that you meet when you walk in, to the very knowledgeable maintenance technicians that work on your vehicle. I love the self made website appointments and the fast service that follows once you arrive. Their pricing with the coupons and drive card make oil changes affordable for everyone. 2 Thumbs up, keep up the great work and you will have our business for years to come.
    Gary - April 2017
  • Great service
    Chris - April 2017
  • Had the oil changed and tires rotated. The person who brought me to pick up the vehicle had a low air pressure light and the checked it for free and advised of a recall and to take it to the dealer. They went above and beyond.
    Mary - April 2017

  • Amanda - April 2017
  • I was extremely satisfied with the way I was treated by Mr. Leo Kelleher. I have two vehicles , which I bring to Monroe, for service.This was not true when I brought in my Honda on June 7 , 2016. When I walked in the door, I was greeted with, "sit down!". I was a Federal agent for 30 years and was not use to being told to sit down! He, not Leo, pointed to a chair. I said no, I will stand. I asked if I could get an oil change, he said, can you leave the car? I left and went up a mile to Best Value Auto. I paid more and did not get a tire rotation as part of the service. As luck would have it, I went back to BVAS for an oil change and tire rotation on 04/08/17. They were closed early in the AM. I took a chance and went back to Monroe, walked in the door and met Leo. WOW, the attitude was changed dramatically!
    William - April 2017
  • A bit expensive
    Mike - April 2017
  • Service went fine. Felt kinda ignored when i first got there... was there first and this guy comes in, and for some reason the person working the front started helping the guy after me, before me. Was kinda annoyed by that but other than that, service was fine.
    Jordan - April 2017
  • I was greeted by my first name when I arrived for my oil change. Leo made important recommendations that my tire installer overlooked.
    Arnaldo - April 2017
  • I had my son bring our Honda Pilot down to Monro on the Berlin Tpke after it was at a local garage being checked for an unrelated issue. We were quoted $300 at the garage for a brake job. Since we had lifetime warranty from prior visits to Monro we figured it would be no more than the $200 it cost two years ago. We were shocked when we were quoted $1000 by Monro. THEN when we stated we would take it to where we were quoted $300, suddenly the price dropped more than half to $450. When Monro couldnt match the $300 quote, we brought it to that local garage and had the brakes and rotors done for, you guessed it, $300. What Monro did was at the least unethical and at worst illegal. Im seriously considering writing the DCP.
    Francis - April 2017
  • Exceptional Service and a very good job.
    Craig - March 2017
  • The staff helped me come up with the best option to fix my brakes at the most cost effective for me
    Keith - March 2017
  • More work was needed than I had planned for. But the service was excellent and management was very helpful.
    Craig - March 2017
  • Service rep very friendly, taken care of in a timely manner
    Brielle - March 2017
  • Lou was great think that's what his name was. Wasn't pushy advised me of my tire tred wear etc. only thing I'd change was the time it took had an appointment at 12 didn't leave till 130 for an oil change that's a bit of a stretch for such a simple task but besides that I will Be back again another 4,000 miles
    Vinnie - March 2017
  • Will be back again with other cars
    Anonymous - March 2017
  • They worked very quickly I was impressed.
    Terron - March 2017
  • Good fast service !
    David - March 2017
  • Great service!
    Lefika - March 2017
  • Leo the Manager is awesome. Very friendly and honest, was able to squeeze me in on a Sunday morning without hassle. I will be back soon with my wife's car. Thanks Leo and company for great service.
    David - March 2017
  • They were very quick and efficient with taking care of my auto service needs! Keep up the great work??
    Amber - March 2017
  • I prefer to bring my vehicles to Monroe over any other shop in town. The staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. Its a small shop, but the quality of work is as good as the dealership and at half the price. Highly Recommended!
    James - March 2017
  • Pep Boys computers were down and they could not do my brakes.Drove down the road to Monro and they were done great in less than 2 hours.
    George - March 2017
  • got a new exhaust pipe and muffler at this location. I think the warranty should cover the pipe as well, maybe not for life but for at least 2 yrs. Other than that I am quite satisfied. The staff was excellent.
    Andrea - February 2017
  • Very professional. I was in and out in no time
    Andy - February 2017
  • Had to have an oil change done..called that day and was there an hour later. It looks like the manager re painted the place and cleaned it up a lot as well
    Ryan - February 2017
  • They always do a quick and great job on my oil change , I live in east hartford and come all the way to newington just for my oil change !
    Dee - February 2017
  • Fast and convenient online scheduling.
    David - February 2017
  • Excellent customer service
    Susan - February 2017
  • LEO was very nice, i made an appointment for 8am, they took my car right in at that time. also showed me what i might need in the near future,
    Frank - February 2017
  • LEO was very nice, i made an appointment for 8am, they took my car right in at that time. also showed me what i might need in the near future,
    Frank - February 2017
  • Ever since Leo took over as the manager of the Newington, CT location I am pleased to have service at Monro. He is very informative, and it really seems that he has my interests (costs, issues) front and center. Keep up the great work!
    Josh - February 2017
  • Friendly staff and good prices!
    Allison - February 2017
  • Great service!
    Enzo - February 2017
  • I went in to get an oil change and was very happy with my service!
    Tessa - February 2017
  • The service was excellent. The manager let me know as soon as I walked in the door that that even though I had an appointment, that they were a little behind and it would take longer than expected. I was in no hurry, so it was not a problem. It ended up not taking as long as I thought any way. The manager was friendly, talkative, and entertaining. The service tech forgot to rotate my tires, so he spoke to him and made sure it was done and apologized to me immediately, no worries. I was watching my truck and saw that it wasn't done and was waiting to see if the manager would call the tech out on it. I will definitely use this location for future oil changes. The price is definitely cheaper than others in the area too.
    Gary - February 2017
  • Great deal for oil change. In and out in an Hr. Checked tire psi and topped of fluids along with oil change.... Love Monro!! Great staff as well!!!
    Peter - February 2017
  • Crew was great, first oil change in a 2016 Chevy traverse, due to placement of oil filter by Chevy makes this not an easy task, they took the time, figured it out. Very satisfied!
    Matt - February 2017
  • I came for full check up for my car. They have given me detailed information of everything. They have fixed few small things and suggested the exact repairs which are required.
    Sk - January 2017
  • We are new to CT and had my oil changed and tires rotated.I was very pleased with original contact for the appointment.The service was excellent and done in a timely manner .Leo called the next day to check if I was pleased.I will recommend to others and return when I need service again.
    Charlene - January 2017
  • The techs make the difference! Always honest, reliable, professional, and courteous, they provide a service that you just don't find many places anymore.
    Christina - January 2017
  • Excellent customer service. Was patient and professional, explained everything in detail. Will be back here again soon!
    David - July 2016
  • Love that they take the time to inspect the whole car and let you know what is going on.
    Allison - June 2016
  • The manager spent slit of time going through what I needed done and then called me to tell me what they found and was thorough with his explanation. I felt prices were fair and reasonable.
    Maryann - April 2016
  • Professionalism of the done on time.
    Peter - September 2015

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