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62 Skiff Street
Hamden, CT 06517

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What People Are Saying:

  • i have brought my 2003 Grand Caravan for just about all my vehicle service in the three years I've had the van. Rich the service manager, and John, my usual service tech always make sure I get excellent vehicle service at very fair prices, from oil changes to the rare tune up.
    Bob - February 2018
  • Great service and professional
    Norma - January 2018
  • Went in on Saturday for an oil change at the last minute and they took me in and did it in a timely manner. Really happy and grateful!
    Jonathon - January 2018
  • I love working with Rich, the manager of the Hamden Skiff Street store. He knows me, my cars and makes getting an appointment and then my serviced a breeze.
    Ed - January 2018
  • I made an online appointment for an oil change, dropped my car off, and even with the shop understaffed, my car was done in a few hours! Friendly service too, at a reasonable price!
    Mattias - January 2018
  • This is a competent shop. I trust who we believe to be the senior tech there and bring all three vehicles to him for brake service.. His name escapes us at the moment but he's been there a number of years. The only drawback keeping us from giving this location (him) 5 stars is that the shop regularly seems understaffed. This causes the turnaround to be far longer than what we would expect.
    HJ - December 2017
  • I used to have great service and much respect for this business. Not anymore.
    Jessica - December 2017
  • This guys did a great job fixing the brakes on my trucks. Better service than the Chevy dealer at least they fund and fix the problem for a fraction of the price.
    Diego - December 2017
  • The service I receive is fair and I feel the manager is very honest with me.
    Jessica - December 2017
  • I was given a quote for almost $500 for bake brakes for my vehicle. I told the employee at the desk that I wanted to get another quote but he insisted this was the black Friday special. Long story short I contacted my local garage and they quoted almost $200 less. Too little too late, lesson learned.
    Missis - November 2017
  • The Hamden Skiff Street Monro was wonderful. I made the appt online, brought the car in before 8am. They had an estimate for me by cell phone and then did the work by the time I came by after work. Everything was in fine working order and my 17+ year old car passed the Connecticut emissions test the next day.
    Harry - November 2017
  • Service is good
    Dwayne - November 2017
  • I didn’t mind the wait because I trusted the manager in what he said. I came in for an oil change and an issue with the undershield of the car. He was wonderful and explained everything to me.
    Jessica - November 2017
  • Was able to get my service done
    Heather - November 2017
  • I was able to make a next day appointment for an oil change, and the staff was very responsive and timely. Car was taken back to bay within 5 minutes of appointment time. In and out in less than 30 minutes.
    David - October 2017
  • I came in to get my tire patched. It ended up that I needed a new tire but the staff was fast, friendly and helpful.
    Melanie - October 2017
  • I love this location in Hamden, CT. The staff are great and always are looking out for me. I think their honesty and concern for their customers shows through their service. I didn't even realize my brakes were so bad that the rotors needed done too but they took great care of me in a timely fashion and even gave me a good deal!
    Stephanie - October 2017
  • Repair done within time frame. Cost was as specified.
    Mike - September 2017
  • I can get my oil changed, and vehicle thoroughly inspected. I appreciate the quick and quality service.
    Kennan - September 2017
  • I will be returning to this store for my future oil changes. The staff was excellent and the service provided was fast and efficient. I will most likely be coming to this store for future problems with my vehicle as well.
    Emily - September 2017
  • Got ripped off. Had front brake pads replaced and rotors turned. It cost me $468.00. That was after $100 discount 20% off so originally the brakes would've cost five $68. That is a total rip off and the only reason I got them done was because it was Labor Day and I had a funeral.
    David - September 2017
  • The team at Monro completed my oil change quickly, professionally, and on short notice.
    Mark - September 2017
  • These guy are great
    Juriel - August 2017
  • always friendly good service
    Cynthia - August 2017
  • Manager explained options and cost before performing the work
    Nancy - August 2017
  • Great customer service
    Ann - August 2017
  • Great team No hard selling
    John - August 2017
  • I visited the store with a complaint of low break petal. I never had braking problem or any warning lights. I felt that there would be some problem as i was pushing down the pedal a lot. I was suggested to replace the brake pads and rotor surfacing. I obliged and got them replaced. I didn't find any improvement and i was told that this is the best that can be done. If this was the case i wouldn't have spent the money. I went with mornoe when compared to other branded service stations as i felt that they would be honest on what they were doing. I am hugely disappointed
    AN - July 2017
  • The only place id go for oil high, quality at a great Low price
    Trayvon - July 2017
  • Easy to schedule, quality service!
    Kellie - July 2017
  • Needed to get front and back brakes done including rotors and they helped me get the best deal! I can't thank the Hamden team enough!
    Stephanie - July 2017
  • I paid close to 1200$ for back and Front brakes repair with a replacement of one caliper. My car spent 9 hrs at the shop and unfortunately when I took it for a test drive I had to press my brake pedal to the floor for it to engage. It was very dangerous situation. I returned to the shop to inform the manager who was hostel and insisted the car was fixed. I left the shop to return with my male friend to convince the manager to take a look again at the car which he agreed to do. I returned the car to the shop for another 7 hrs to get the job done. It was a very frustrating experience.
    Hind - July 2017
  • Friendly, efficient and courteous. I really like the crew.
    Judith - July 2017
  • I love coming to this Monro because of Rich. He is great at explaining whatever works needs to be done, remembers his clients, and is always helpful.
    Amy - July 2017
  • It was easy to schedule the appointment, my car was taken for service shortly after arrival, the manager was quite pleasant, the car was serviced quickly and the price was competitive.
    Sherry - July 2017
  • Monro on Skiff street in Hamden, CT does an excellent job with my car and there are no gimmicks. They worked quickly and had my car ready to go exactly when they said they would. Other places over charge for the simplest procedures, but Monro gets the job done at high quality for the cheapest price around.
    Forrest - June 2017
  • I had a 9:30am oil change appointment, took my car in right away and was finished before 10am
    Don - June 2017
  • Very friendly, service was done on time and very professional
    David - June 2017
  • I needed rear brakes because my calipers froze. My car feels brand new.
    Gary - June 2017
  • I recently brought my car in for an oil change and to have a loud noise investigated. The oil change was fast and affordable. The noise turned out to just be a part that was loose and needed to be tightened. Since it took less than a minute to fix, they did not charge me for the repair. My car is running much better now and the customer service I received here was truly impressive. Thank you!
    Amy - June 2017
  • Good parts, great service
    Sam - June 2017
  • No comments. They did a great job, Servicing my car
    Robyn - June 2017
  • Clean quick professional service with a smile.
    Bruce - May 2017
  • I really don't understand the question-I believe it says something about using the product etc. etc. I got oil change, new filters and the right side of my ball bearings done. It must be a trick question-RIGHT!!!!!
    Dorothy - May 2017
  • Manager is fair with prices and he meets all my expectations five star five star
    Colleen - April 2017
  • fast and great service
    Danielle - April 2017
  • I have been in the store several times and the representative has been honest about what is wrong with my car. He did not seem to try to do extra work when it was not needed. He tried to get my car in and out as fast as they could. The technician also explained what was or was not wrong with my car.
    Anthony - April 2017
  • Fast service
    Philip - April 2017
  • They are very nice and done with ur car in a timely manner.
    Tonya - April 2017
  • My oil change was quick and easy and the guy at the front desk was friendly and helpful about other issues I had. The only downside was the price being 30 dollars.
    Jaymiah - April 2017
  • Referred by a colleague who was very satisfied with her service
    Pat - April 2017
  • Already emailed Monro about the great store and the great customer service
    Rich - April 2017
  • good service
    cynthia - April 2017
  • I was disappointed in the fact when I was told that I needed front brakes when I knew my mechanic replaced all my brakes in October and when I brought it back to him I was told that Monroe was wrong in requesting me to have them replaced .I lost my trust in them
    Jeff - April 2017
  • Excellent service. Would go there again.
    Gyandip - April 2017
  • I have been a customer since 2009 and have never had a problem with Monro. Johnny C. is my favorite mechanic. He knows his stuff. I recently brought my car in for a tune up and he found I needed a tie rod replacement. My car felt like a new car after my latest visit. Rich is an awesome manager. He makes me feel like a friend. I have promoted this shop to people looking for a good place to bring their car. Monro rocks.
    Gary - April 2017
  • Third set of tires purchased at Monro. Very happy with the product and service
    Sandra - March 2017
  • I went I for an oil change on a Sunday morning. The service was excellent. I would definitely return to this Monroe for cat service.
    Verna - March 2017
  • Excellent service ....... in a timely manner
    Stuart - March 2017
  • No problems, faster service than originally estimated, clean waiting area, polite and helpful staff
    Amy - March 2017
  • He is very rough . No greeting no smiling ,so many stupid questions ? he thinks he is a big shot ! I'm the loyalty customer for more than 10 years,I don't want go back again ,unless new manager ! Maybe send undercover to check his manner! But both technicians Jonny & Mike are excellent , keep them highly recommend !!
    Mike - March 2017
  • Once again, Rich, the service manager, and John, the service tech, did great work. The tune up cost more than I originally anticipated due to replacement of components nearing the end of their service life.
    Bob - March 2017
  • Rich, the store manager, and John, the auto tech always treat me right. Any service done is done well, which is important to me because I'm too old to want to do my own repairs.
    Bob - February 2017
  • I use Monro on Skiff St in Hamden for my oil changes and other work. They're always courteous, prompt, helpful, and fast. It's also nice to see the same faces each time I go there. Other places that I've used were like a merry-go-round of people. They were hard to trust. I trust this facility.
    Ed - February 2017
  • I got my oil changed at the Hamden store on February 14, 2017. It took the mechanics 25 minutes to change my oil. i thought that was fast. The store manager suggested I get the high mileage oil change because my car has 130,000 miles on it The shop was clean and organized. I thought the service was fast and efficient. Keep up the good work and customer service.
    Donald - February 2017
    Lisa - February 2017
  • I made an appointment for an oil change. They were right on time. Customer service was awesome. Very nice and very thorough!
    Laura - January 2017
  • I always have a good experience. Rich, the manager, is always terrific. I know they are completely honest. Johnny, the mechanic, is great. He can fix anything. I trust them to fix only what is needed.
    Kris - November 2016
  • Three reasons I will go back: the guy at the front desk was great, it's less than a mile from my house, and the cost of the service was awesome.
    Katelyn - October 2016
  • I always feel well-taken care of by Rich and his staff. I never feel like I'm being sold something that I don't want or need.
    Ed - August 2016
  • The manager Rich is a very customer oriented individual. He genuinely cares about your concerns and explains and offers the best solutions. I've been going to this location for many years and Rich is the main reason I continue to do so.
    Mike - August 2016
  • The employees were friendly and explained extra services needed for the car. They were quick, too, given that one man was in the garage and it was extraordinarily hot.
    Kayla - July 2016
  • Shop is very accommodating in their scheduling. Always upfront in explaining and reasoning when unexpected service is needed. I feel they can be trusted to give me an honest quote for work.
    David - June 2016

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