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(203) 730-9905

26A Newtown Road (Route 6)
Danbury, CT 06810

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • They are very professional
    Michael - March 2018
  • They were very friendly and made sure my car left better then when went in.
    John - February 2018
  • I dropped off my Chevy avalanche here with electrical issues. A month and a half later there was no formal diagnosis. I came home from a 2 week vacation and drove by only to find my truck outside covered in snow. God knows how long it had been outside not being worked on. The only reason I didn’t leave only 1 star is the people were friendly and professional.
    Shane - January 2018
  • Munro is very quick and affordable.
    Rebecca - January 2018
  • Got a holiday discount and discount from mail. Mechanic showed me the underneath of my car and was very friendly.
    Kyle - January 2018
  • These guys worked quickly to fix my son’s car & get it back on the road. They were professional, courteous & kept my costs to a minimum. The local dealer repair shops could take lessons from this crew!
    Dawn - January 2018
  • Good sale on oil change
    Octavian - December 2017
  • The staff here was beyond courteous, excellent experience. I was very impressed with how efficient the technician was and also how the Manager brought to my attention the wearing of my front brakes which was a great heads up because I was ignoring the fact that they had to be done. He quoted me a very fair price for the work and I will scheduling it for after the holidays for sure.
    Tony - December 2017
  • Just had my tires installed
    Nathan - December 2017
  • Came in without an appointment and they were able to fix my breaks that day. Car feels great again. Thanks!
    Erik - November 2017
  • Good deal good price. Fast efficient service.
    JOHN - November 2017
  • Good people, great service
    Stephanie - November 2017
  • Brought my car into Monro Muffler for an oil change since I was going on a long trip. They changed the oil quickly and looked over the rest of the vehicle to make sure I would have a safe trip. The customer service offered by Jamie and the rest of the staff is second to none.
    Frank - November 2017
  • Great price for the service done!
    Doug - October 2017
  • Monroe is fast and efficient and what's better than Valvoline is that they are not constantly trying to upsell you. They also provide a written appraisal of my brakes and tire tread to let me know what to expect. Never going back to Valvoline.
    Bill - October 2017
  • Good notification and advice on unexpected findings.
    Eddie - October 2017
  • Recommend.
    Sharice - October 2017
  • Oil change
    Roxanne - September 2017
  • They are reasonable in price. Oil changes are quick and they check everything and tell you what is needed for your vehicle. Never felt pressured to buy or have any service completed.
    LUKE - September 2017
  • Gentlemen were professional and courteous. Work was done quick and I'm on the road Again!
    Kyle - September 2017
  • Staff is amazing! They know their mechanics!! They are also not out to rip you off.
    Stephanie - September 2017
  • I had an amazing experience at the Danbury location. Jamie was extremely knowledgeable and gave me excellent advice on how take care my car. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone who needs work on their car.
    James - September 2017
  • Great customer service experience !
    Trishna - August 2017
  • My last oil change was a disaster. After receiving my complain in the survey, the regional director of customer service called, graciously offered me a refund check for $30 and asked me to try the store again. I did on Aug. 15 for another oil change. The store is under new management. The oil change itself went well, much better than last time. They rotated tires, told me the car problems and provided me with repair estimates, which were missing last time. So I was pleasant to see the improvements. However, at the end, the bill is not correct. According to the receipt, the total charge is $29.99 plus $2.90 for the recycle. The actual charge should have been $24.99 plus the fee. I asked the manager why I need to pay $5 extra and was explained that he could not deduct $5 from the total because I used the refund check. He could only deduct either $29.99 (my $30 refund check) under the Job Discount section or the $5.00 discount. Later he told me the charge was actually correct. I paid and did not argue because the amount in question was insignificant. The receipt proved there was $5 overcharge. The manager also told me that some customers went home and called him the following day to ask for clarification about their bills. So the receipts need to be clearer. I writing here to let you know that I felt it is a matter of professionalism and honesty.
    Linda - August 2017
  • Fixed the vehicle quickly to satisfaction. Management was very kind.
    Frank - August 2017
  • I had a wheel alignment done My car still pulled to the left . I brought it back and the worker first said it was fine, then his coworker joined in try to say tires are bad, they checked tires, they where fine. Then the workers tried to say I did something when I left the shop. then the worker tried to show me a sheet generated from the alignment and it was off just a hair.
    george - August 2017
  • Very happy with the service I received. I barely made it into the parking lot before my smoking car shut off from overheating. They immediately rushed over to assess the issue and attempted to fix the problem on the spot. After the car cooled down and was able to be driven into a parking spot it was determined the car was going to have to stay for further diagnostic work. It was a costly repair through no fault of the shop but the customer service was top notch.
    Dorothy - July 2017
  • Excellent Service for my Volvo without the hassle
    Chris - July 2017
  • They were very thorough and attentive. Did a relatively quick job. Great customer service.
    Elizabeth - July 2017
  • Jamie was extremely helpful from getting the oil changed quickly to giving an honest opinion on when my brakes need work
    Erica - July 2017
  • My AC compressor broke and I was leaving town in a week. The manager, Jamie, took the time to not only explain to me the mechanics of the compressor but made sure to expedite the part. He didn't talk down to me like a lot of mechanics. I've been to Monro before and I am always awestruck by their honesty. Just hope there's a Monro store in my new location.
    Aashir - July 2017
  • Quick and easy with a smile
    Stephanie - July 2017
  • Quick and easy with a smile
    Stephanie - July 2017
  • Quick and easy with a smile
    Stephanie - July 2017
  • Quick and easy with a smile
    Stephanie - July 2017
  • They know what they are doing, and they get you in and out quick. Better pricing vs. dealer, too.
    Christine - July 2017
  • They know what they are doing, and they get you in and out quick. Better pricing vs. dealer, too.
    Christine - July 2017
  • I was informed of all options and costs for my oil change
    Rod - July 2017
  • The mechanics are very upfront and honest about what needs to be done to your car right away, and what you can hold off repair on.
    Brian - July 2017
  • The mechanics are very upfront and honest about what needs to be done to your car right away, and what you can hold off repair on.
    Brian - July 2017
  • Got new tires and alignment. Service was professional, fast, and product quality is excellent.
    Frank - July 2017
  • Nice ride now that my brakes were replaced! Quick turnaround on the service - brakes and oil change. Jamie and his associates were professional and very helpful!
    Christine - June 2017
  • MY brakes were completely gone and they replace them the same day. I also had frozen lug nuts and they were able to get them off.
    Jonathan - June 2017
  • Excellent job and they even have me additional car care pointers after the oil change that other places would've not mentioned or cared to mention.
    Kwame - June 2017
  • The service was great and quick. The manager was friendly and helpful. My husband recommended your service and the Danbury location and it lived up to my expectations.
    Louis - June 2017
  • Jamie was extremely helpful in getting me in same day and making sure my car was ready before the weekend
    Erica - May 2017
  • I have been using Monro for my family cars for more than ten years, from your Monro at York, PA to current Monro at Danbury, CT after moving. I have been loyal to your company and satisfied with your service, but not this time. First I called in advance to schedule an oil change for Friday. When I got there on time and noticed only one person was there. He told me he was the new secondary manager. I asked him if I should reschedule the appointment and he said yes. We changed the appointment to next Monday. I would have appreciated if someone gave me a courtesy call earlier so that I didn’t have to go there on that day. On Monday, I got there on time. Prior to the oil change, I specifically reminded the new manager to rotate my tires, which was a part to coupon that I gave to him and in the past they did it anyway. The manager said yes. When the oil change was complete and I paid and was about to leave, I asked the manage if the tires had been rotated, then he told me no. He told me I should rotate the tires next time. At that time another customer was waiting for oil change and only one tech was working. So my oil change was obviously rushed through. With this kind of experience, I hate to say I am considering going somewhere next time.
    Linda - May 2017
  • I called 1 hr prior to closing time--after another oil change place sent me away because it was "too late." The gentlemen who answered let me know I would absolutely be accommodated. I got there and was able to get in and out in less than 20 mins! Thank you!!
    Amanda - May 2017
  • Today, I went to this location just to get an oil change, but while I was there waiting for my car to finish I decided to also get my brakes checked. Keith answered my questions that was very helpful he was also hospitable, polite and friendly. While I was waiting for the brakes to get checked he also asked me if I wanted to sign up for the Drive card so I said yes. I'm happy that I signed up for it because I did not have to spend a penny on my visit and on top of it I'm getting my brakes fixed with my drive card. I will be sure to bring in my car at this location from now on.
    Dinah - May 2017
  • The oil change included tire rotation which were not rotated.
    Jose - April 2017
  • My check engine light came on at about 6:30 PM one evening on my way home from a meeting. By this time of day my regular shop is closed. Driving home I saw Monro was open and stopped there to see if they could help. The manager said they closed at 7PM and were booked with jobs for the last half hour but to come back first thing in the morning and he would help me. I told him I couldn't because I had an important meeting over and hour and a half away the next morning but was afraid to drive the car so far now that the light was on. He said he could check the code for me and see if it was something that would damage the car or if it was something that could be put off one more day, which he did. Turned out the code was an issue that could wait a day so I was able to make my meeting the next day and bring the car in to be fixed first thing in the morning the day after that. I had a repair and an oil change. Everyone was great. I was out of there in about an hour or so. The cost was reasonable. I did not realize that Monro did general repairs as well. That and the service I received will make me return again. Thank you!
    Wendy - April 2017
  • The manager went above and beyond to help me with my auto repairs. I will definitely recommend them for all types of auto servicing!
    Alexandra - April 2017
  • The mancanicThomas did an amazing job fixing my car when I broke a brake line and he fixed the wheel well. I watched him work fast and in a efficient. The manager Joe was helpful
    Miranda - April 2017
  • My oil change was quick and easy.
    Denise - April 2017
  • About 2 years ago I came into Monro to get an oil change. The deal was for $20 with free new wipers, fluids check and also a tire pressure check. I was sold. When I was there they checked EVERYTHING and noticed my brakes were not road safe. They showed me how bad it was and told me they wouldn't let me leave until they made my car safe to drive. At the time I wasn't able to afford what they needed to fix my car. The guy reassured me that he would do everything he could to make sure I didn't leave broke or with a broken car. He waved his magic wand and shortly after I was on the road. After that I had become a customer for life. Anytime there is a problem with my car they are more than effiecent in service and in time of service. I live next to the Monroe; Monro mufflers and I still drive to Danbury instead. The guys at the shop are all great and actually help me understand what's wrong with my car instead of just spitting technical mechanic words at me. I trust their judgements and feel confident they will take good care of me. Its always a pleasure doing business with these guys. So Thank you monro for always making sure I'm safe and satisfied. You're much better than any boyfriend I've ever had.
    Alexis - March 2017
  • I have never been disappointed with the service and knowledge of the mechanics at Monro Muffler in Danbury, CT. The service at the Newtown Road location is wonderful. I have had big repairs as well as simple oil changes on my vehicles. They are always courteous and helpful.
    Paula - February 2017
  • The integrity and knowledge of a Business owner are of the highest importance when bringing your car in for repairs and coming back for more.Joe Bart Gery the whole team at Joes Monro shop r simply the best honest highly qualified MECHANICS that know cars and FIX CARS the right way!They are trustworthy ready to help Always.I have brought multiple family friends cars to Joes and will be a longtime customer always
    Karl - February 2017
  • Brought my old car to Monro and within a few hours it was repaired and Riss worthy! The cost was well below other shops and they even applied discounts to the final bill. Thanks Monro!
    Paula - February 2017

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