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211 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT 06019

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What People Are Saying:

  • This location is under new management. Great service. Went above and beyond and even defogged my headlights while in for an oil change.
    D. - March 2018
  • very customer friendly
    Paul - March 2018
  • I always have a pleasant experience every time I bring my car here.
    Tammy - February 2018
  • Keith & his staff do a great job explaining vehicle needs, customer options, etc. I feel well-informed when I bring my vehicles in for service. On the rare occasion that I've had an issue, Keith has stood by his commitment to service and made things right. Service is timely and the staff works to meet the hectic pace & needs of today's consumer.
    Tom - February 2018
  • Monro in Canton has great mechanics who can diagnose and correct issues quickly. I bring all my vehicles to Monro Canton as they provide great customer service at a great price.
    thomas - February 2018
  • They always do a great job on my car
    Jessica - February 2018
  • Love tires, Kelly AT with promo of buy 3 and get 4th free. Manger (Keith) was very nice and honest. Couple of things disappointed with, could not perform alingment check, as they said my vehicle was too large but on receipt said I declined recommended service, I wanted alingment they couldn't do it. Also when driving home, hood started to bounce in the wind. Not sure why guy putting tires on had to open hood. My guess is he accidentally pulled it while looking to pull emergency brake release which is right next to hood release. This could have been dangerous.
    RICHARD - January 2018
  • I had a wonderful experience. They listened to my needs and everything was perfect. The manager Keith Brown explained everything I needed and didn't need. He was very forthright, kind, and I am extremely satisfied.
    Kathy-Lynn - January 2018
  • They tried to get me to fix things I am not sure need it like filters.
    Gabrielle - January 2018
  • When I arrived at the repair shopped, the manager thought I was there to purchase new tires, even after I explicitly wrote, when I made the appointment, that I was NOT coming to purchase new tires, but rather to have my snow tires put on. While working on my car, to their credit, they discovered by alternator belt was in bad shape. They said that they could make the repairs, but would take a few hours. I later overheard the manager on the phone ordering the part. It would have been a good thing to make me aware that they did not have the parts on hand as that would have factored into my decision to have the work done that day. I decided to walk (in the cold and snow, mind you) to a bookstore 0.6 miles away. After a few hours, I decided to walk back to the repair shop to check on the status (I did have other things to do that day). Upon reaching the repair shop, I saw my car in the parking lot. How long ago was the work finished. How long was my car sitting there? How much of my time did you waste? You had my cell phone number, why didn't you call? What if I came back after you closed? I had another key with me. I would have just driven off. Seriously. These are basic things that need some refining here. Read EVERYTHING that is written when the customer makes the appointment. Let the customer know if you have the parts or if you need to order them. When the work is completed, you CALL the customer. IMMEDIATELY.
    Christopher - January 2018
  • Excellent place
    Senthil - January 2018
  • I went in for an oil change and to have the technician look at my tire which has a slow leak. They completed the oil change but decided it would take too long to look at my tire. When I came to pick it up they told me that I should bring it back another day when I had more time for them to look at the tire issue. I had plenty of time that day. They decided for me that I didn’t have enough time. The man at the counter was nice enough and the oil change was affordable. My tire issue is still not resolved and I have to find time now to bring my car in again.
    Jen - December 2017
  • Keith at Monro was very professional. He is well schooled in his work. He offered safety information in regards to my car, including tires. I will definitely be returning for tires and continued maintenance for my car.
    Billie - December 2017
  • Service was great,manager Keith Brown attended to my needs
    Sal - December 2017
  • Horrible - On December 9, 2017 I brought my Versa Note 2014 in for a loose pipe located at the rear of the muffler. We also asked for a tire rotation and oil change. I called Keith in the early afternoon to check on the progress. He reported the entire muffler needed to be replaced at a dealer part cost of $900. My husband told him to weld the pipe the best he could as we could not afford $900. I called Keith back at around 3:00 and he stated repairing the muffler was "very delicate and complicated" and that he had the muffler off twice. We picked up the car at 4:15. I was handed the bill and was told the complete charge was $274.62. I wrote the clerk a check. During the clerk review of the bill, who was a a tall thin young man, he asked Keith if they had done the tire rotation. Keith stated yes. I got into my car and the Tire pressure warning light was still on. I drove away thinking it just need to drive a bit for the light to go off. (The tire pressure light is still on.) My husband said they never rotated the tires or they would have noticed the front brakes are very bad and would have recommended replacement. Our customer id is 0670053438 Estimate #270553.
    Marian - December 2017
  • Battery failure from purchase in August!!!!! Quite a inconvenience but brought in immediately and was given a ride home, new battery replaced and filled my tires w/o asking.
    james - December 2017
  • I am very happy with my first time service at Monro.The part I am happy about is that they were able to take are of a slow tire air leak. I called them after a failed attempt at a local Town Fair Tire. They were not busy which very likely contributed to them being able to take care of my slow air leak that same day within a full hour. After figuring out where the air leak was, they told me that I was very lucky because it was dangerously close to the sidewall of the tire. Thankfully the air leak was not there. Overall, I am happy with my first time service visit to Monro.
    Marc - December 2017
  • I got an excellent price on my oil change, was in and out quick, and they performed the work to my satisfaction. While waiting I talked with manager Keith and he was very helpful and informative.
    Ron - November 2017
  • Stop in at the spur of the moment. Had the oil changed and tires rotated was out in less than 30 minutes.
    Suzanne - November 2017
  • Have had tires brakes and oil changes here over the years. Not satisfied with the work even left my car mats seat and arm rest greasy. Couldn't find my receipt in their computer the mechanic didn't properly shave the rotors like they're supposed to and so my front brakes had to be replaced earlier because of lack of quality and professional auto repair.
    Robin - November 2017
  • Manager was very thorough
    Bill - October 2017
  • made appointment in the morning and went in in a few hours. They were prompt and quick to identify the problem and fix it. Definitely very customer oriented. Thank you
    Eleni - October 2017
  • i was in and out in under 20 minutes on my way home from work. got the oil changed and home in time for dinner.
    Dean - October 2017
  • John & his crew are professional and did exactly what they said they were going to do - I thankful.
    Brewse - September 2017
  • I was in and out in 45 minutes with four new tires installed plus oil change.
    Mitch - September 2017
  • Good store with good employees.
    Bill - September 2017
  • I made an online appointment for an oil change two days prior to bringing my car in. I dropped my car off around 8 am and it was ready for pickup with an hour. When I arrived to pick it up several hours later, the man at the desk applied a $20 off coupon to my services without me even presenting a coupon or asking for a discount. I appreciated that very much. I also really appreciated that they didn't call me and try to sell me other services for my car...I often find that car places try to tack on so many additional items during an oil change (air filters, brake services, etc) and they did not even attempt that. I will continue to use them for my oil changes.
    Megan - September 2017
  • The staff is knowledgeable and courteous.
    Brigit - September 2017
  • John and his team took excellent care of my vehicle, while it was going through some repairs. John and his team gave me their honest opinion about what needed to be done, and because I've seen him for my other vehicle, I trusted him fully to do the best job possible. Everyone in town should see John and team.
    Peter - August 2017
  • I called with error codes, car was brought over, checked and repaired immediately. Friendly and amazing staff!
    Adrienne - August 2017
  • All their service and customer service is wonderful! Always give you the truth and go out of their way to make you happy. They even do the work sooner than expected!! Always willing do do their best to make sure the customer is satisfied!!
    Faith - August 2017
  • John was great he got me right in and fixed my tire.
    Mandi - August 2017
  • Great job back brakes done on my RAV4
    Pamela - July 2017
  • Took great care of my car, they were very good at explaining the problems with my car
    Lorianna - July 2017
  • Front bearing, spindle, & rotor replacement.
    Ron - July 2017
  • Monro let me down. I purchased a car after monro looked at it. They told me they could fix my car and it would only cost around $1,000 for a new oil gasket, rear breaks, tire sensors. So I bought the car. Well I brought it back for the work they said that needed to be done. They took the car for a day. The next day called me said they can't fix the gasket. They said it would take more then 12 hrs and cost $3,000 dollar if done there. Also they now said rear roders would need to get replaced? That was new! When I looked at the car with 2 mechanics there they said roders where perfect, if I wanted I could resurface them if I feel like breaking is choppy, but they are fine and the breaks where at a 5.when I was on my way to pick up my car, they called me and said there where no wipers for my car that they promised me they would put for free when I made the appointment for my car. The worst part of this all, I took my car to another mechanic that could change the gasket, they told me there where also 2 other leaks by the gasket that would need to be replaced. So this mean more money. I'm so disappointed with monro, I'm currently looking for another mechanic. I like honest mechanics that don't say they will do and don't also try to sell parts for my car that I saw with my own too eyes they don't need. I feel like monro is looking for anything to make sales. And now I'm paying about triple of what I thought it would cost to fix my new car. If I knew this I would have never purchase the car.
    Morsy - July 2017
  • Had an excellent experience when I went in unscheduled on a Sunday afternoon as I was concerned about having an oil leak. John Hilten was the sole person in the shop; he arranged a time to take care of my car and was very helpful!
    J - June 2017
  • I had Monroe install an aftermarket muffler and use my existing pipes for the system. When I picked my truck up the store was closed. I noticed the muffler was on an angle hanging down below the frame and what looked like a 5 year old had welded the joints. Once I got home the weld had broken at the head pipe and it sounds terrible. I paid way too much for this outcome. This please is supposed to be a muffler shop. I am going to call them and ask for the work to be repaired. Disappointed at best.
    Jesse - June 2017
  • Have been going to our local (Canton, CT) Munro for many years now and they have always been extremely helpful and punctual when making an appointment.
    Holly - May 2017
  • Oil change. answered all my questions. Was very helpful.
    Melanie - May 2017
  • I've been going to Monro for years and rarely have had any problems, staff are always ready to answer questions and very friendly.
    Jess - May 2017
  • Friendly, honest, speedy and efficient!!!
    Kathy - May 2017
  • Friendly environment but they try and sell unnecessary things for your car which isn't right. If I go in for an oil change, please just fill my oil up and not tell me there's 6 things wrong with my car when I know there's not.
    John - May 2017
  • Staff was accommodating to my time frame.
    Gabrielle - March 2017
  • Great, honest, prompt and reliable service.
    Brenda - March 2017
  • I appreciated not being pressured into any additional services other than the oil change I was there for. Service was slow.
    J.B. - March 2017
  • Nice guys. Straight to the point, honest price.
    Peter - March 2017
  • I had bearing replaced in my ford explorer. Staff at Monro did an excellent job. Under new leadership. I recommend this business to all.
    Don - March 2017
  • Everything was explained to me very well and the prices were good as well. Fast and professional, and friendly.
    Laura - March 2017
  • The system was replaced only four days ago.
    Hollace - February 2017
  • Stopped in for an oil change before taking a trip. Service tech recommended a brake check and tire rotation as well. Appreciated his initiative! Also suggested I stop back in after driving 25 miles so he could check the torque on the lug nuts! Really showed concern for my safety. Earned my loyalty on my very first visit!
    Leslie - February 2017
  • Brakes are good
    Donald - February 2017
  • You guys have a fair price for an oil change but try to take customers for granted by telling them that certain things are wrong when they are really not .
    Tammy - February 2017
  • Very efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly
    sandie - February 2017
  • Great Job.
    Paul - February 2017
  • Fast, friendly and knowledgeable service.
    Thomas - February 2017
  • They were kind! They even explained I would need tires in the near future and explained to me why, and how long my current tires were going to last! Thanks guys! Awesome experience!
    Kylie - June 2016
  • I was in a big hurry and the team responded immediately. Everyone I met was personable and helpful. I had not realized that Monro performs many services, not just muffler and brake. Pleasantly surprised and will definitely return as needed. Many thanks!
    Joanne - September 2015
  • Consistent quality service, pleasant employees
    Sean - August 2015

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