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(860) 582-3197

656 Farmington Avenue
Bristol, CT 06010

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What People Are Saying:

    ALISON - March 2018
  • I went in for a front end alignment and after 3 times the car still isnt right. The computer that they are using was for a 2012 chevy cruze. I have a 2015 cruze. The manager Shawn Kilduff told me that it didnt matter and i should bring my car to a general motors becuase he couldnt find a problem.
    Kevin - March 2018
  • Work was done well the first time. An unforeseen issue was handled well.
    Robert - February 2018
  • Oil change was done promptly and my questions were answered well.
    Robert - February 2018
  • Service was done in a timely way, and i was serviced by friendly and helpful employees.
    Robert - February 2018
  • They gave me a quote and stuck to it. Had exhaust work and oil change.
    Richard - January 2018
  • Good
    Diane - January 2018
  • I use it to get my car around and it’s very cheap
    Nathan - January 2018
  • The team is extremely helpful! They allowed me to drop off my car with no appointment and still go the work done the same day!
    Marie - January 2018
  • Oil Changes and any other car needs are promptly and efficiently handled by the Monro Team!
    Diane - January 2018
  • Quick turnover on my oil change.
    Mike - December 2017
  • Shawn took very good care of me. Got me in and out quickly.
    Gooman - December 2017
  • I went to get tyres using what I thought was my mundo credit card. I went to pay only to find out that the card no longer worked. I had been sent by the bank a firestone card, I thought it meant that the card could now be used for both mundo and firestone. No comments were received from yourselves or the bank stating anything about the mundo card being no longer in use. This put me in a spot of having to find another way of paying for the work which caused financial hardship. As stated the service was good but the financial issues caused by yourselves and the bank has left a lasting bad taste in my mouth that could well stop me using mundo again
    Barry - December 2017
  • I'd never been to a Monro before, but was recommended by my sister who works for Enterprise. I LOVED it! Great staff, quick service, and they were SO nice! And the price was GREAT! I had a coupon which made my service significantly less expensive than the Valvoline I usually go to. I will absolutely be back!
    Erin - November 2017
  • I took my car there in May 2017 because I needed new front calipers. Now it's November 2017 and I noticed my brakes acting strange and making a noise. So I called and took my car down there on a Saturday. Dropped it off. No charge for them to look at it. Turns out one of the calipers they put on in May was starting to seize and the other had a hardware issue that was causing the noise I was hearing (good old GM parts, not surprised). 3.5 hours later they had replaced both calipers again free of charge. I appreciate the honesty and good work that the guys at Monroe put in. I used to take my car to firestone and every time there was some diagnostic charge or they tell me about other issues with the car that dont need to be fixed or have nothing to do with the problem I'm having. Monroe is my place of choice now. They never try to sell me extra stuff and actually fix the issue my car might be having. Its nice to just have good mechanics that aren't trying to rip you off.
    Emily - November 2017
  • This time I was satisfied.
    Luke - November 2017
  • Very nice people and quick service
    Kerry - November 2017
  • I have been going to the Monroe in Bristol CT for a few years now for my oil changes. They people here are very reasonable and will openly explain what they did so even the least experienced car owner can understand what is going on with their car. The store manager is always friendly and deals with problems with skill and respect. Prices are always reasonable as well. Overall I must say that the Monroe in my town is an example of caring staff and amazing work.
    Allison - November 2017
  • Did what I asked finished on time
    TREPANY - November 2017
  • I just needed an oil change on no notice and they got me in quickly. It was very affordable/ fast service and unlike some of the other places in town, didn't assume I know nothing about cars and try to sell me a bunch of unneeded services. That's my biggest gripe with their competitors. I just want an oil change. I don't need an overpriced fuel injector cleaner or oil additives. (SCAM) The price was a no brainer. It would cost me more to do it myself and then i'd have to dispose of oil too!
    George - October 2017
  • I usually bring my car in for frequent oil changes. You guys always send me a friendly reminder with coupons and I appreciate it :) When I arrive for my appointment my car is in and out in a timely fashion, thank you!
    Heather - October 2017
  • They're great at working with me to get my repairs into a price range that works for me. They always try to help me any way they can.
    Shiquan - October 2017
  • Sean and his crew put our car back together after the brakes went bad
    David - September 2017
  • Oil changes every 3,000 miles, no problems! These guys are courteous and fast. We go here for every PM.
    Melissa - September 2017
  • I usually get an oil change there. But I am going to get brakes done soon hopefully.
    Trisha - September 2017
  • I was in need of an oil change. Although I had an appointment with Firestone, they told me that I would need to wait another 90 minutes beyond my scheduled time. And that is when I heard another customer say, I am going to Midas which was two doors down. I went to Midas and they said, we can help you with it right now. I was in and out within 20 minutes. I now have a new place to bring my vehicle. I love the 'can-do" attitudes with a smile. I will be back in a few weeks to replace my tires for winter! Thanks for the terrific experience!
    Heidi - September 2017
  • Very good and reliable service
    Debbie - September 2017
  • Quick appointment for my oil change, the service was exceptionally fast, maybe to fast. The attendant did not allow the extra oil that the filter required or was unaware of the amount of oil that my vehicle needs. I generally don't check to see if there is the correct amount of oil in my car after an oil change. Later in the day while getting gas I checked my oil gauge finding that it was down almost a half a quart. I called the Monro service center and told of the problem, the manager stayed after hours to correct the issue. Would I go back? Yes, I like the oil and the no hassle service. But I will be sure to check the dip stick before I drive away.
    Stan - August 2017
  • Oil change was very fast. Staff was very friendly and polite. Only issue I had is that I asked to rotate the tires, they said they did and they apparently didn't as the tires on the front of my front wheel vehicle, that have not been rotated since I bought the car still have less tread than the back.
    Trevor - August 2017
  • come every couple months
    Carly - August 2017
  • I use Monroe to save money, however, sometimes you get what you pay for.
    Jessica - August 2017
  • quick and friendly staff , always sparks good conversation
    roberta - August 2017
  • The service was great, the problem was solved and I would recommend other customers to this business.
    Edwin - August 2017
  • Short staffed so they were behind schedule. Oil change was done but tires were not rotated and I don't think my brakes were checked either. Was not given any paperwork indicating tire and brake wear. Not sure if you do this anymore because I haven't gotten anything the last few times I've been here.
    Diane - August 2017
  • Called last minute about getting an oil change. They got me in right away and done in under 30 minutes.
    Rich - August 2017
  • Friendly, professional service; prompt, explained service, reasonable prices
    Ana - August 2017
  • My car was serviced on time and quickly.
    William - July 2017
  • Fast, efficient, great communication
    Brian - July 2017
  • Oil change
    Daniel - July 2017
  • Service need was quickly and accurately found, and the work was completed when promised and for a reasonable price.
    R. - July 2017
  • Great oil change and service! Done promptly
    Norm - July 2017
  • Flat tire fixed very nice men working at the place
    Paul - July 2017
  • Needed brakes done and oil change. Service was quick and satisfactory. Car is running and good!
    Heather - June 2017
  • If you plan on keeping your car for a long time, then it is crucial that you get your oil changed regularly. This was my first visit to Monro as it was recommended to me by my daughter. The initial set up of my info there was a bit time consuming but necessary. If a person were to get one of their credit cards then the savings becomes very substantial. I like that they use Valvoline oil, I don't know how they could be cheaper than the Valvoline Instant Oil Change stores but they are. My most favorite part was that they didn't nickle and dime you trying to sell you additional services like most garages do. It took a little longer than I expected, the reason for only four stars.I will come here again with my other vehicles it is worth the extra wait.
    Stan - June 2017
  • The employee's really care about you and what situation your in. I was in a rough spot with money, I didn't knew little to nothing that was wrong with my car, and every other shop had me on a week or so waiting list. I called Monro and they got me in the next day. They did the diagnosis and told me everything that was wrong, the importance of each part, and the most profishint way to get it all done. They worked around my budget and made sure I was satisfied with everything before I left the shop. I know where I'm going every time I have a car problem, and that's Monro muffler/brakes and services!
    Marcus - June 2017
  • I got an oil change, nothing good or bad occurred.
    Shelliann - June 2017
  • I actually just had and oil change. I have been going to Monroe since I started driving at age 16.
    Amdra - June 2017
  • I always have a good experience at monro. The men that work there always explain what they find. I'm always in at my appointment time. I never have to wait more then 30 minutes for the entire visit
    Lyndi - June 2017
  • Concise diagnosis, fast work, reasonable cost
    Jay - June 2017
  • The mechanics were thorough and very professional.
    Deborah - May 2017
  • Great product
    William - May 2017
  • I get oil changes from Monro every 3 months.
    Noreen - May 2017
  • When I walk into Monroe, it is usually for an oil change or tire repair which I have no complaints over. They get done what I ask. But what comes with the simple work is a list of things they say I need done whether I ask for it or not. - generally over-priced. So they do not really have my best interests at heart. They are looking to make more money and figure they have found a gullible female. Other customers (female) and I have discussed that in the waiting room. If I have a large job that needs to be done, I have a mechanic that I trust not to try and sell me more.
    Darlene - April 2017
  • My oil change was done on time
    Sue - April 2017
  • Great deal
    Armando - April 2017
  • Our appointments have always been on time and very prompt and accurate with service. We love Munro!
    Diane - April 2017
  • They were great
    Joseph - April 2017
  • Great service
    Liza - April 2017
  • They did a great as t job. Jason was very helpful. I was nervous about the price. He was very considerate
    Rosalie - April 2017
  • This is the one place I trust for honest reliable service! Prices are always fair and staff is courteous.
    Breda - April 2017
  • Service has always been paramount when taking care of my cars and truck. The managers take the time to assist in any necessary repairs and manufacturer recommended maintenance.
    Robert - March 2017
  • My brake lines went and they fixed them that same day
    Trepany - March 2017
  • Called to get all new tires for my vehicle as they were needed badly....spoke to Shawn the assistant manager and he booked me in that same day for an afternoon appointment. As I went out to shop around the surrounded stores, there was an issue. Shawn had gotten the right dimensions for the tire except the rim size. It was a 15 instead of 16. They sent a driver out to a sister store in southington and received the correct rim size. He was very apologetic and even adjusted the bill for me for the inconvenience. He did not need to do that for me as I'm very understanding but it was a great gesture. Both the manager and assistant firmly shook my hand and thanked me for their business. Will DEFINITELY be coming back to this garage again.
    James - March 2017
  • Jason was much more friendly and personable this time. He did a good job and I left happy!
    Diane - March 2017
  • These guys are excellent and the prices are reasonable. They were super speedy too which is great when you have a little one like me! They even gave her a coloring book to pass the time!
    Jasmine - March 2017
  • Called for an appointment and two hours later my oil change was done. Fast, friendly service.
    Rich - March 2017
  • They did a great job however I had to wait quite some time. Very busy store. But they did a great job and the value was terrific considering I had a coupon and that made it even better.
    James - March 2017
  • My oil change went smooth I mean you can't really complain about that. But I was quoted over $500 for front rotors and back shoes (which are about $100 at the partz store with no discount) but decided to have my mechanic friend take a look quickly. My rotors are perfectly fine, yes my shoes need replacing but thats only a $20 part and i can do it eaay enough. I dont know its cause im abyoung woman and its income tax time but i certainly feel like they were taking me 'for a ride' smh mostly likely wont go back, and it was by accident i ended up there to begin with
    Christine - February 2017
  • Came for a new battery and was out in an hour. Service msnager was efficient and corteous throughout. I'm teturning for additionsl service later in tge week.
    Robert - February 2017
  • On time and very professional. I thank you for the great job you folks always do.
    Randy - February 2017
  • had emission light on and they were able to find the hole in the muffler cut it out and weld in a new piece of pipe. nice job
    scott - February 2017
  • The service was great and fast
    Tammy - February 2017
  • i feel you get alot for the 19.99 oil change plus tire rotates .
    Kenneth - February 2017
  • I needed an oil change and Sean got me in a timely manner and answered my questions about another vehicle that I need to get fixed.
    Mark - February 2017
  • Not satisfied with the time it took to do my oil change and rotate tires.
    Dan - February 2017
  • Easy breezy. Plus the diagnosed a problem I had with my brakes.
    Tracy - February 2017
  • good fast service
    Matt - February 2017
  • Part of the promotion coupon that I had with my oil change was free tire rotation. After asking the gentleman when he stated that I was all set if he rotated my tires, he stated yes. He clearly lied to me as I have a scuff mark on my front passenger side tire and it was clearly in the same location. For lying to me when I asked him TWICE!! I will not be going to this place again. And I have given bad reviews to anyone who speaks of this place.
    Candice - February 2017
  • It was great they were nice and got the job done asap
    Malik - January 2017
  • i was very happy with the service that was provided. Very friendly employees
    evelyn - January 2017
  • I've continuously returned to Monro because I get great and thorough service. I've always been satisfied there
    Christina - May 2016
  • Walter was excellent at explaining everything so I understood! He kept me updated throughout the services I had done! I would definitely recommend this service station. Great customer service!
    Melissa - August 2015

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