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  • "The guys in Avon, NY are fantastic!"
    JOHN - June 2011
  • I will always take my vehicles to the Avon Monro store. They are really great.
    SteveKathy - July 2011
  • "The Avon, NY Store is the best!!"
    SteveKathy - July 2011
  • "I am always impressed with the service at your Avon, NY location."
    SteveKathy - August 2011
  • Tim is a Great tech !!!!!Tim has always worked on my vehicles and always answers any questions I have.
    Chris - June 2012
  • The service was great and I'm happy with my new tires.
    David - June 2012
  • Kevin is great! I trust that he will take good care of my car.
    Elizabeth - June 2012

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Muffler & Exhaust System Services at Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. in Avon, NY

When “muffler” is part of our name, you know we know mufflers.

Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. in Avon has been fitting and installing mufflers and exhaust system components for more than 50 years, offering customers better:

  • Pollution and noise control
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Safety

And, of course, extremely competitive prices. With 999 stores in 25 states, our buying power makes it possible for us to offer you a 30-day Best Price Guarantee on every repair that we make.

The most common exhaust problem today, however, is not noisy mufflers or pipes, but the dreaded check engine light. With the emphasis on fuel efficiency and emission control, it takes an experienced team with the right diagnostic tools to troubleshoot a modern exhaust system, including:

  • Exhaust system valves and manifolds
  • Catalytic converters
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Mass air flow sensors
  • Engine control units

Anytime you have a check engine light in Avon, New York, or the next time your vehicle is on the lift, ask for a FREE exhaust system and muffler check.

The Benefits

  • You save money on gas. Higher operating temperatures and catalytic converters help engines burn fuel more efficiently.
  • You breathe easier. More of the harmful gases and compounds are burned in the exhaust system and catalytic converter before they are released into the atmosphere. This helps reduce the pollutants that can cause smog.

Request your exhaust and muffler appointment today!

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