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Save big on brakes at Monro in Waynesburg, PA!

Monro in Waynesburg, PA are your brake service and repair experts. Stop by Monro and ask about our Brakes Forever package.

How do you know you need new brakes?

Your safety depends upon your vehicle’s ability to properly function under all circumstances, which is why you can't afford not to call Monro when you need new brakes today.

Bring your vehicle into the nearest Monro for a FREE brake inspection and new brakes in Waynesburg if you notice: A LOUD NOISE, THE BRAKE PEDAL PULSATES, YOUR VEHICLE PULLS TO ONE SIDE, YOU TOUCH THE PEDAL AND FEEL THE BRAKES GRAB, YOU HAVE TO PRESS THE PEDAL HARDER THAN NORMAL.

If you've noticed any of the above, make an appointment for the installation of new brakes with Monro today.

Monro in Waynesburg guarantees the best price on brakes!

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