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(814) 734-6075

12513 Edinboro Road
Edinboro, PA 16412

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • "John in Edinboro, PA was so nice to me. I'll never take my car anywhere else for routine maintenance"
    GWENDOLYN - May 2011
  • John and his crew are the best there is.
    PAUL - May 2011
  • "The manager at the Edinboro, PA store is the best thing that has happened to our store here. He is the best in everyway as far as customer service. People like him are rare these days."
    Richard - July 2011
  • I have always been happy with the service received at the Edinboro Monro store. I take two vehicles there.
    Tom - August 2011
  • I was referred to Monro from one of my co-workers and have never been disappointed! Everyone there is so professional. I always feel like they are putting me first and are there to help me out!!
    Roseanne - August 2011
  • We always use Monro! The service is excellent. It is always a treat to get coupons in the mail!
    Fred - September 2011
  • "Both people working were absolutely amazing, very friendly, and I was thrilled with the service"
    Cassidy - June 2012

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  For Over 50 Years!

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