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Bloomsburg, PA 17815

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What People Are Saying:

  • Went in for oil change and tire rotation. They performed a complimentary winter check on everything.
    Kevin - December 2017
  • Would definitely go back to this location
    Silvia - December 2017
  • I had tires installed. Very fast, courteous service.
    Amanda - December 2017
  • I bought tires for my car. Working great.
    Trevor - November 2017
  • overcharged because they thought i didn't know anything about cars or where to buy parts from. tried to charge me 3X more than a normal price and told me i wouldn't find anything else cheaper. i did find it cheaper elsewhere.
    Jada - November 2017
  • Had an oil change. They told me it would take an hour. I left and came back almost two hours later and it still wasn't done. My dirty air filter was sitting on the counter and he asked me if I wanted it replaced. I said sure, but I thought, why didn't he just call me to ask so my car could be completed, rather than waiting for me to come in to ask me? I assume it was so he could show me the visual of how dirty it was, but still, it felt like a waste of my time. Other than that, good service, and I'll go back again.
    E. - November 2017
  • Inexpensive and very helpful. Took a while
    Maryann - November 2017
  • Will have my repairs done here again.
    Mark - November 2017
  • Totally satisfied
    Gregory - October 2017
  • Easy to get a quick appointment
    Donna - October 2017
  • We were three hours from home on our way to an amusement park when we heard an AWFUL squeal while driving. We found that a Monro was near us, and we pulled in, and explained the problem. We were seen right away. The job was done quickly and expertly, and we were able to get back on the road and not miss any of our fun day. Thanks for such great service!
    Larry - October 2017
  • I always request an appointment for oil changes, and the service is always great. Thank you.
    Lauren - October 2017
  • I took my Honda in for an oil change last week. Being a college student, I don’t have much time or other transportation and they were so fast and efficient. I was very pleased and will definitely go back here.
    Hailea - October 2017
  • Jerry was great. He explained what was wrong with my car and the team quickly repaired it. He answered all of my questions and went above and beyond. The repairs were done on time and my car runs better than ever.
    Jenna - October 2017
  • Was charged a second time and was told to pay in cash. The car was paid off 2 days before, no info was given to customer about the car and was held for 2 more days after the work was done. The manager was rude and never gave any information on what was going on with the car.
    Daryl - October 2017
  • Left a big grease print on my beige interior. Thx a lot
    Brandon - October 2017
  • Good people
    Michelle - October 2017
  • Great experience. They were able to fit me in on the weekend and I didn't have to wait to long.
    Gabe - October 2017
  • Very professional and in a timely manner customer rep answered al questions involving service
    Bill - October 2017
  • Completed my scheduled appt on time with great service and notified me of other potential service options.
    Farron - October 2017
  • great job
    Dennis - October 2017
  • When I was backing my car out I noticed that the magnets I had inside the door were gone, so I asked about it and the mechanic had TAKEN them from my car without telling me, I didnt make an incident however that was not cool taking my property. Later in the evening after I left I found that the driver door lock was jammed and not able to turn smoothly however it worked before taking it to the shop. Now I wonder if I really got new parts for my 700 brake job or not. Not good. I
    Paul - October 2017
  • I was very impressed with the helpfulness at the location. We were in a situation where we needed to replace two tires and were not near home. We were also in a situation where we could not leave the car. The dealership indicated they would not strand us and worked beyond closing time to find tires and put them on our vehicle. We were then able to enjoy the remainder of our small vacation.
    Barry - September 2017
  • Our Bloomsburg student had car issues and (We are NJ residents) needed repairs done. Jerry spoke with us over the phone, assessed the car, and gave us a very fair estimate. We were more than satisfied and very happy that we have a reliable contact for her there in Bloomsburg! Many thanks!!!
    Kyle - September 2017
  • Service was great & everyone was very nice & helpful.
    Nicolette - September 2017
  • Quick and reliable ...im definitely coming back again
    Ida - September 2017
  • Parts needed to help my car run more smoothly, and preform more reliable on s every day usage.
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • Car part, helps make my car run cleaner.
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • dropped my vehicle off the night before, they also accommodated me by putting the paperwork in the truck and i was able to pick up after hrs
    Kevin - September 2017
  • I honestly took my car to Monro not knowing what to expect. I needed an oil change and I asked them to do a courtesy check over everything because I had recently purchased the car a few months back and they didn't really tell me what they did to get it inspection ready. The mechanic was very patient with me and explained everything as best he could and we worked out a deal. Turns out I needed a whole new exhaust system, and I got it done right there. It only took like an hour to get it done. He was quick, efficient, polite and very knowledgeable. Someone I would take my car back to.
    Katlyn - September 2017
  • It's great to get same service for one price!
    Nicole - August 2017
  • Staff was courteous and service was quick!
    Janine - August 2017
  • Never any problems.
    Lauren - August 2017
  • The customer service was amazing and the pricing for the services I needed were reasonable. I will continue to use these services while I continue to attend Bloomsburg University of PA.
    Maura - August 2017
  • The man Jerry was honest and gave me a good price on tires and installed them promptly.
    Rafay - August 2017
  • Tires were in stock and were available in my emergency situation.
    Melissa - July 2017
  • Always very nice and helpful. Never a long wait.
    Jill - July 2017
  • Very good service. Always given tips and pointers. Very fast and profession work done.
    Marcus - July 2017
  • While on vacation, we had serious brake issues. The folks at Monro got us in quickly, diagnosed the problem, fixed it and got us back on the road in no time. Thanks guys
    Thomas - July 2017
  • I had a coupon to get an oil change, fluids checked, tire rotation, and brake check for $64. 95. I ended up paying $97. 00. They told me my tires didn't need rotated until next oil change. Which is not true, my front ones are balding alot quicker than the back ones. I was also told I needed new I needed new inner brakes soon, whatever inner means. I asked the manager and he said my inner brakes are fine. I was also told my car took 6 quarts of oil and not 5, so it was going to be extra. And they also told me my plug was bad, so i had to buy a new one. It looked fine to me. I think they are full of bologna and just do whatever they can to get you in and out and they did not do their job fully. When I ask for a tire rotation, I expect to get one! This was my first experience there, and it is definitely my last. I'm very disappointed in how much money I paid and how they actually did!
    Brittany - July 2017
  • My car came in not even turning on, unaware of the issue and within a day it was fixed and ready to pick up. So thankful for them!
    Ella - July 2017
  • Now I need another credit card @Drive Card" for special discount ??no way
    John - June 2017
  • I had a flat tire, I was told it was a puncture hole, look like it had been shot. Then I was told I needed a new tire, I believed them and purchased a new tire. I'm picking up the car and paying the bill, I received a list of all other things wrong with my vehicle. I was never shown the tire, I had recent work done on my car one week prior. When calling my regular service center about repairs needed, these repairs were unfi when calling my regular service center about repairs needed, these repairs were unfound . I went back to days later to see my tire it was no longer there. Feeling taken
    Leeann - June 2017
  • The fantastic people at Monroe were able to help me with a tire energency. From the first call to walking out their door, they were kind and efficient. Very happy with all aspects of service and products!
    Becki - June 2017
  • The service team was very nice. They changed my oil and rotated my tires in a very timely manner, and left my car spotless. I was able to call and get an appointment the very next day.
    Brianne - June 2017
  • you are adding more surge charges to the oil change making more costly.
    Paula - June 2017
  • They took the time to provide me a free estimate so I can plan out future work.
    Chris - June 2017
  • The service was great and the people were knowledgeable
    W - June 2017
  • I trust these guys with my car and my girlfriend's. Would recommend them to anyone. Price is right, very fair.
    Wade - June 2017
  • Service was exceptional
    Jay - June 2017
  • I can in for an oil change and inspection. They could t due the inspection because of my need for emissions certification, but gave me great service on the oil change.
    Thomas - June 2017
  • Got my car inspected and an alignment done very pleased with the service.
    Pat - June 2017
  • This is the second time one of our household vehicles has been broke while receiving an oil change during the "complementary tire rotation." During this visit a lug nut was rusted, I'll give them that much. But while attempting to remove the lug nut they stripped it with the power tool and snapped off part of the stud. I understand things happen but they then proceed to call to see if they can "fix it" for us by charging us for the part and labor (near a $50 fix). When I asked Jerry about this he said, "Sometimes this just happens from the nut being screwed on too tight or just from wear and tear." When the lug nuts have only been touched by that shop for two years the damage continues to fall on them. I would understand paying for the new parts to fix the car but I am disgusted on how they expected us to pay for the labor on the breakage of a part they broke during the time it was in the shop for an oil change. No one in our family or kinship will be encouraged to ever use the mechanics or services at this location.
    Brianna - May 2017
  • Dropped my car off for an oil change and tire rotation. They took my car in right away for I did some other errands and came back a half hour later. Employee was just sitting in the office area, and when I came in he said he wanted to show me an issue with the wheels. He showed me, and said it needed to be replaced. I can remember what it was but he said it needed replaced. My Dad was with me so I asked him to look at it.. My Dad questioned whether it really needed to be replaced. It felt like a bad attempt to up-sell me on something that wasn't needed. We told them not to do it and to just finish the oil change and tire rotation. They called four hour later to tell me it was finally done. I paid for the lifemax oil change (added cost) and then the oil change label (that they put in your car to show when the next oil change is needed) only showed a basic oil change. I didn't question it. I just left. Not very impressed. Other than that, the staff was fine.
    Erica - May 2017
  • Service was good until I checked my bill for the same service on my 2 different vehicles. I had oil change and state inspection on both. First car I was charged $18.78 shop fee, 2nd car with same service I was charged $7.89. I was also charged $13.99 for a $3 backup bulb? Whats the deal Monroe????
    Joe - May 2017
  • Quick oil change
    Owen - May 2017
  • Went above and beyond to see that my car was fixed properly.
    Sherri - May 2017
  • Fast ,courteous, friendly service. they won my business! Thank You
    Robert - May 2017
  • I went for an oil change and had to wait almost 2 hours for it to be done. It was an inconvenience because I shouldnt of had to wait that long.
    Nicole - April 2017
  • I paid $600 to get my alternator fixed on my 2007 Nissan Maxima and a few days later I had to take my car back. It turns out they installed a defective alternator in my car and now I am waiting to get it fixed again.
    Shantel - April 2017
  • We go to Monro regularly and always get great, reasonably priced service. We will continue to be a patron:
    Brian - April 2017
  • I've always went here for my oil change I can count on this group of guys to make sure they let me know if something is unsafe, due to knowing me well they know I take a lot of children in my car , they always give me the best advice for my cars
    Megan - April 2017
  • Inspection found that we needed tire to pass. Jerry found the right tires at a good price and arranged for installation within a few days.
    Stephanie - April 2017
  • oil change is lifeblood of vehicles
    Tom - April 2017
  • Got in for an apt for oil change and tire rotation the next day. I got there about 30 min early, but they took my car right back anyway. Man at front desk and technician were friendly and joked while I waited. My only issue is that they forgot to replace one of the caps on my tires.
    Candice - April 2017
  • yes works great
    Jack - March 2017
  • I have been to this location 3 time now for different services and have had a great experience every time.
    Kristen - March 2017
  • The manager was extremely accommodating. Stayed late to finish repairing my vehicle.
    Michael - March 2017
  • Exclence services and friendly
    John - March 2017
  • My daughter took her 2016 "naturally aspirated" Jeep Renegade to the Bloomsburg PA facility for a oil change in February. She submitted an advertised $14 coupon good for a oil change and tire rotation. She was told that the coupon was only valid for conventional oil and that her car was a turbo and required synthetic. WRONG! The car is not a turbo as anyone would see when they opened the hood and in big bright red letters says 2.4L. The turbo model is only on the 1.4L engine. $43 later she left the garage never to return.
    Kevin - March 2017
  • Easy getting appointment. Didn't call when done. Had to call them just before closing. Great job tho!
    Robert - March 2017
  • Fast service with great quality. They always communicate to keep you aprised of any issues and make sure you know what's going on. They make recommendations for service to keep your vehicle operating properly
    Kevin - March 2017
  • Great prices and use of coupons and promos
    Terry - March 2017
  • Great customer service!!!!!!
    Wendy - March 2017
  • The staff is ever nice.
    Jeff - March 2017
  • Great staff, very helpful
    Katherine - March 2017
  • Everyone was very helpful and understanding. Always great service.
    Lucie - March 2017
  • Oil change. . 2 vehicles great job
    Jack - February 2017
  • I scheduled an appointment for an oil change. I paid for my fluids topped off and the brakes were inspected. I was told that my brakes had about 6 months left nad we would review at next oil change. I appreciate the honesty.
    Jeff - February 2017
  • The mechanics at Monro in Bloomsburg, PA are genuine people. Went in for an oil change, and they were more than helpful! They brought me into the shop and physically showed my want was wrong with my vehicle and brought it to my attention. I thought I was scam but after them explaining it to me, that thought was thrown right out. I went back a week later, to fix that new problem that came abrupt, and still the same genuine personalities. I highly recommend all personnel to take their vehicle(s) to Monro in Bloomsburg, PA, if you have the option!
    Jordan - February 2017
  • Every 3000 miles,I call or make appointment online, no hassle
    DONNA - February 2017
  • They%20only%20had%20one%20tech%20working%20so%20the%20wait%20was%20long.%20%20Granted%20it%20was%20a%20Sunday%20but%20if%20you%20are%20going%20to%20be%20open%20you%20should%20be%20staffed.
    Melissa - January 2017
  • Both of the people that worked there were very personal and made the experience great.
    Maryann - October 2016
  • While I waited for the service to be completed on my pickup, a Monro tech actually came to the Dunkin Donuts to ask me questions about my truck. I liked that vs a phone call. The Monro employee went above and beyond.
    Kevin - August 2016
  • Quick service, quick diagnosis and a smooth riding car!
    Jen - April 2016
  • Great customer service. Very friendly and helpful. Work was done on time and explanation of things to keep an eye on was given. I appreciated the fair price as well. Thank you!
    Ken - April 2016

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