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4460 Dewey Avenue
Rochester, NY 14612

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What People Are Saying:

  • The store manager was super nice and helpful. Very refreshing to not be taken advantage of when your a woman dealing with your vehicle!
    Cheri - March 2018
  • Had a 3:00 p.m. appt. for an oil change and tire rotation. Arrived 10 minutes early. They had in the car in at 2:55 p.m. and it was all done at 3:15. Can't beat that at $14.99.
    Linda - February 2018
  • I’ve never been to Monroe Muffler before but when my dealership gave me a sky high price I called Nate at Monroe Muffler and he told me to drive over and he would take a look. So not only did he see my car right away he was able to get me a price that was less than half what my dealership was telling me...& my car got fixed the same day. It was awesome service! I will def be back.
    Stephanie - February 2018
  • My location of Monro is fantastic. The guys are prompt, friendly, seem to really care about my safety and convenience and NEVER try to sell me anything I do not need. Prices are reasonable, coupons are honored, and appointment system is easy. Thanks, guys!!
    TARA - February 2018
  • They had very good customer service and did everything great.
    Ronda - January 2018
  • I went in for an inspection. Ended up needing brake pads. They did the work quickly. Wish I had been given more info on the parts I needed. But I guess i will know to ask next time.
    Sarah - January 2018
  • Always good service here got 2 new tires, my inspection, and my oil change done and it was fast and easy thanks!
    Joshua - January 2018
  • I made an appointment at Monro to get 4 new tires. They had a special for buy 3 get one free, it was a great deal on really good tires. The job was done quickly and the service was spectacular. Very professional employees who even helped me when I asked where to purchase hubcaps in the neighborhood. I will definitely be back. Thank you Monro!
    Tiffany - December 2017
  • Oil change was completed promptly and for a great price!
    Patrick - December 2017
  • The tech allowed me to drop my car off early. The price was right! Thanks Monro!
    Jason - December 2017
  • I've only been in Rochester 3 and a half years and they have been my go to place for my oil fishes
    Nicole - December 2017
  • Scheduled a NYS inspection, oil change and tire rotation. Dropped vehicle off. Was called when ready. All services completed with recommendations for additional maintenance but no pressure to buy. Also informed of current tire and brake wear.
    Mike - December 2017
  • Purchased 4 Kelly Edge tires during a buy 3 get one free promotion. Excellent price for really above average tires. They were able to get my car in and serviced quicker than expected.
    Patrick - December 2017
  • I made an appointment on Friday night thinking I would be coaching a game around the corner and would have plenty of time to get the oil changed and make it to the game I realized late Saturday night that the game was 45 min away. I went in to the shop when they opened at 9 and asked if there was any way I could get squeezed in early. Nate looked at the appointments and said he would try but could not promise. I said I would wait, I walked across the street to get a cup of coffee and 5 min later when I got back my car had gone in and was started and I was out in less than 35 min in time to get Home pick up my kid and make the game on time. Side note we won!! I have been going to this shop since I started driving 34 years ago and it has always been a POSITIVE expirence.
    Kevin - November 2017
  • Despite being completely booked on a Saturday/federal holiday, the service team accepted my last minute appointment and went above and beyond to get my car back on the road that same day.
    Kaelee - November 2017
  • I was able to do an inspection same day as a walk in! Mike said he could do it when I stopped by and I only had to wait a little longer than usual. He told me all the things I needed to pass inspection and quoted me a price, which is what I had asked for. Always great service here!!
    Sara - November 2017
  • had it done a little before they said it would be done
    Jason - November 2017
  • My vehicle had exhaust issues that seemed to spring up overnight, but Monro was able to get me in the same day I called and had everything running good as new in a few hours.
    Patrick - November 2017
  • They accommodated me with tire change over and then fixed my brakes after we discovered that I had a bad caliper.
    Bob - October 2017
  • This was done in a timely fashion.
    Patricia - October 2017
  • Nice job!
    Eric - October 2017
  • Wonderful service and very polite
    Arrington - October 2017
  • They all were very great!
    Regis - October 2017
  • Taking your car to a garage is always hit and miss (mostly miss). I'm an engineer and even worked as an auto mechanic while I was in school so I'm comfortable under the hood of a car. That being said, some jobs aren't worth doing. Oil and exhaust are two of them. The rear hanger on my exhaust resonator came loose and I took it to Monro. Frankly, I expected the phone call to sound like "we been tryin' to getta hold a you.....yer Jameson Frizter is completely can't gist get those things any wer''ll cost ya"................much to my surprise they quoted me a VERY reasonable price to replace just the hanger.......Nicely played sir......nicely played indeed....
    Edward - October 2017
  • Very friendly and quick service. Will definitely go there from now on
    Rachael - October 2017
  • I got an oil change & my car requires full synthetic and the price wasn’t bad at all
    Jenna - October 2017
  • Drove slowly to the Dewey Latta location with weak bad brakes and a low pedal. I drove out a few hours later at full speed with full hard pedal and and my muscle car now stops on a dime. Thanks again Nate and Mike.
    Shawn - September 2017
  • Had a flat and they fixed it quickly
    Bob - September 2017
  • I feel confident that they are not doing unnecessary work.
    Margie - September 2017
  • Oil change was pricey with synthetic but staff were great.
    Adam - September 2017
  • Been a long time customer
    Patrick - September 2017
  • Came in for a NYS inspection. We got the car right in and completed. Everyone was very friendly. Expect to come back.
    Kelvin - September 2017
  • I was able to get an appointment quickly for an oil change. All the extra checks were a bonus as many other places charge for everything little thing. I will definitely return for my car care!
    Sarah - September 2017
  • Appt on time. Very pleasant
    Candyce - August 2017
  • The mechanic seemed honest and knowledgeable. He completed the job in a shorter time frame than originally quoted. The price was fair for the work completed. My car runs well and the problem was solved.
    Janet - August 2017
  • Fixed my muffler did great job back on road in 1 hour !
    Mary - August 2017
  • Customer service was excellent!
    Alana - August 2017
  • excellent Manager
    lenny - August 2017
  • My inspection was completed in a timely manner. The staff was polite and accommodating.
    Jason - August 2017
  • I made an appointment for 2:00 and actually got there a little early. I left the business close to 4:00 after a simple oil change. It was one of the worker's first day so they got very behind as he made some mistakes. The man at the desk was very nice and fun to talk to though.
    Ryan - August 2017
  • Mike was honest and informative about all the issues my car had, unfortunately I have to decide whether to have the work done or not
    Pamela - July 2017
  • The guy at the desk was so nice and this is the first time ive ever had a good experience having my car serviced
    Jenna - July 2017
  • I had an oil change as well as a battery replacement on my 05 Civic and both services were performed well and Mike took very good care of me. I would recommend Monro to anyone looking for car service.
    Matthew - July 2017
  • I arrived early for my inspection appointment. The inspection was quick. Staff were also kind enough to install my NY license plates. Thank you!
    Catyra - July 2017
  • Timely, great experience
    Valerie - July 2017
  • I needed to get a new tire, and Michael was helping me choose the best tire that was close to what I was looking for. He drove 20 mins to pick it up at the wherehouse. Came back and it got busy. When he was working on my tire he even test drove it to make sure it was ok. Micheal was honest and sincere. Helped me save a few bucks, it was fair. Across the street at Mr. tire quoted me 5x higher for a cheap tire.. its what they had in stock. I am glad I choose Monro.
    Laura - July 2017
  • was done by the time i needed it to be done
    Jason - July 2017
  • My wife and I were looking for a mechanic we could trust and depend on. Mike is that guy.A man of integrity and highly skilled.
    Robert - July 2017
  • Great staff, great service!
    Victor - July 2017
  • Came to the store with a bit of an emergency - oil light on and car leaking oil. I was able to get right in and quickly had the situation diagnosed and corrected.
    Patrick - July 2017
  • Car was seen quickly upon arrival and was back to me within the hour. Very happy with the level of service received.
    Patrick - June 2017
  • Left the car for services, when I came to pick up some confusion with phone numbers and inspection not done but waited and they got it done quickly.
    roxanne - June 2017
  • Had a minor issue with air pressure on one of my tires. I was scheduled within a couple of hours of calling, they immediately took my car as soon as I arrived, and the tire pressure was checked and adjusted at no charge, all completed in about 5 minutes. Everyone was pleasant and professional.
    Laurel - May 2017
  • The exhaust system was making a rattling sound under acceleration. Most likely from a baffle inside the muffler.
    Tom - May 2017
  • I've had several oil changes here and I'm always happy with the job and the price
    Kate - May 2017
  • Had work done there in the past. Very slow. New crew is fast.
    Alan - May 2017
  • Good service
    Rachelle - May 2017
  • I've been a customer at this store since I first moved to Rochester over 15 years ago, and will continue to be as long as I am in the area.
    Patrick - May 2017
  • Good prices. Technicians all very knowledgable
    Norbert - May 2017
  • Furthered testing would have shown I needed an alternator
    Candyce - May 2017
  • Dan gardner gave great work
    Mike - May 2017
  • Best svc ever. Been going there for years. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
    Karen - April 2017
  • NA
    Pam - April 2017
  • Got my vehicle in and out under the original time promised.
    Patrick - April 2017
  • The service was great
    John - April 2017
  • Fixed a broken exhaust, could have made me buy a whole new cadylic converter but was able to salvage the system for a fraction of the cost
    Phil - April 2017
  • I have been going to Monroe for 30 plus years and have never had a bad experience. The staff are very helpful,knowledgeable and friendly.
    Sharon - March 2017
  • Honesty and Price
    Brian - March 2017
  • Was very disappointing to have an appt. on Friday at 5:30pm I get there and no appt. was put in system. So I rescheduled for Sunday at 2:30pm for an oil change. I left at 4pm. 1 1/2 hours to wait for an oil change is not appropriate. While I was there they took a phone call to jump someone at Fleming Point told them they would be over within the 1/2 hour. I believe they forgot someone called. The Dewey Ave. location needs better time management for oil changes. This is not the 1st time this has happened but the 3rd time. I am going to give them 1 more chance since it looks like it is totally new staff. I am hoping that there is a learning curve.
    Terri - March 2017
  • Always great customer service
    Nichol - March 2017
  • The time estimated for the job was accurate and it was done correctly.
    George - February 2017
  • Very nice and polite people you have working at the Dewey ave and Latta rd location in Greece New York
    Sam - February 2017
  • was told what was needed given choice to have it done
    Betsy - February 2017
  • We chose this location because the staff is friendly and helpful all the time. The prices on services cannot be beat. Online scheduling of appointment and email communication is awesome! Repeat customers on numerous vehicles!
    Kerry - February 2017
  • Oil change done quickly and properly
    John - February 2017
  • The guys are always friendly and honest. My son is a mechanic but I trust these guys and they don't try and tell me things I do not need. I have had other shops do this, I am an older woman and they seem to think it is the way to do business. I am not afraid to ask for old parts, it is not a good idea. Two local stores have paid for my brakes over this. I like and trust these guys so I will keep coming back!
    Barb - February 2017
  • I enjoyed my experience here. They were honest about what I needed but not pushy or scary. I plan on going back to get my brakes done!
    Sara - February 2017
  • My brakes went out on my car and I thought I just had a leak turned out to be my lines were snapped they fixed it and in a considerable amount of time and money
    James - February 2017
  • Great service as usual
    Victor - February 2017
  • I had tires put on my car and the workers there were really caring and knowledgeable. I would return there.
    Alana - February 2017
  • Was extremely impressed when I took my Honda Civic in for muffler repair. The employees were very courteous and professional. I didn't have an appointment and they took my car in, diagnosed it in 20 minutes and completed the repair within a few hours. Will definitely use their services again.
    Jane - January 2017
  • I am always completely satisfied Joe takes the time to explain things in ways I am able to understand. As a female many times shops try to take advantage however I never feel that way there
    Nicole - January 2017
  • I'm a long time customer and wouldn't keep coming back if I wasn't satisfied with the service and work.
    Patrick - May 2016

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