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Keep Cool With Regular A/C System Services

You may not give your vehicle's air conditioner a second thought until it fails you on the hottest day of the year. Take care of your A/C system before the next heat wave; Monro will help keep you cool with regular A/C inspections and service.

The Benefits

The ABCs of A/C

Your A/C system has four major parts that require inspection and maintenance:
  • The compressor, mounted on the engine, pumps refrigerant through the system. This is your A/C system’s most important and expensive component.
  • The evaporator, located behind the dash, removes heat from the passenger compartment and transfers it to the condenser.
  • The condenser expels the collected heat from your vehicle. It is located between the radiator and the front grille.
  • The dryer absorbs any excess moisture from the refrigerant.
The refrigerant also periodically needs to be recharged.

The Coolest Technicians

  • Monro Service Centers employ trained technicians and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to maintain and repair your A/C system, regardless of manufacturer. Our technicians will pinpoint any problems and quickly return your vehicle to its cooling ways.
  • The next time you schedule a servicing, ask for an inspection of these and other essential A/C components, including the system hoses, rubber seals, and, metal connectors. Each is a potential source for leaks.
  • Request an appointment online for A/C service. Or, give us a call. Same day appointments are available. We're open evenings, weekends and most holidays.

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